Friday, 10 September 2021

World Suicide Prevention Day!

 Today is World Suicide Prevention Day!

Let's raise awareness on this important but often neglected topic today. Because The T.E.A. Project not only supports education but also mental health in general. This is why we are offering a Suicide Prevention Training within our after-school programme.

See our video to get an idea of the experiences and learning of some of the participants. Let's prevent suicides together by making people aware and by offering support to people in need!

Here is the English translation of the videos:

Participant 1:

Everyone thinks that the people who commit suicide are cowards and they are weak. The truth is that they are not cowards, they don’t know how to solve their problems and they have nobody to seek for help. If we identify someone like that, we should talk to them and solve their problems. It is a very good thing to help them to overcome their feelings. I hope that you will also help such people by removing the burden from their shoulders. Let’s at least save one life.

Participant 2:

If we encounter a person who wants to commit suicide, we should never encourage them. We should never tease them saying: “Come, let’s go and commit suicide together.” We should speak to them and find the reason for their suicidal thoughts. Then we should change their mind by taking them to their favorite places and doing their favorite things. This will help them to overcome their suicidal thoughts. Parents do not raise us with expectations. They never expect their child to be a Guinness record breaker. They fulfil all our needs by taking loans from others. They never want us to be stuck in poverty, to beg from others. Before we take a decision to end our precious life, we should think about our parents, family and relatives. Just think about how painful it will be for them. We should also be aware of children who bring sharp items like knives and blades to school.

Participants 3:

We learned a lot in the Suicide Prevention Training. A person who has suicidal thoughts always tends to be alone, doesn’t speak with others. So if we identify that someone has suicidal thoughts, we should never let them be alone. We should keep company with them as much as possible, it will help to change their thoughts. One of my friends was also behaving like that. He started to stay alone after his mother passed away. I found out that the reason for his loneliness was his mother’s demise. He used to talk a lot to me but he suddenly stopped talking. That is when I found out that he had suicidal thoughts. I started to visit him everyday and helped him to overcome his feelings. During the Suicide Prevention Training we did not only learn about it theoretically, we also practised it in role plays. This training has helped us to identify people with suicidal thoughts within our circle and to help them.

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