Thursday, 17 June 2021

Coming Soon - SporTEA

 Coming soon... SporTEA 🏸🏈

We are planning to develop a SporTEA ground for the children at The Cloud which is part of our concept "At E.A.S.E." (Education, Art, Sports and Environment). All these fields will be given equal importance to identify the children’s potential. ✌

The idea of SporTEA is to ecourage children to improve their physical and mental health. 

SporTEA will be a very important arm of our support in the near future. Obviously the health aspects and as a platform for raising equality; to introduce young girls at The Cloud. 

'Every Child Should Be @E.A.S.E'  to be the best one can be to realize their potential πŸ† 

If you would like to support SporTEA, please visit: 


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