Tuesday, 30 March 2021

We are affiliated with Life Echo from UK

 We are pleased to announce that we are affiliated with Life Echo from the UK. Their research focuses on sound and memory to stimulate learning and well-being. 

Thank you, Justin Wiggan, founder of Life Echo, for introducing this groundbreaking project & partnering with T.E.A.🙏

With this tool children will get the opportunity to experience a positive personalized “soundscape” that is created from images and sounds present in their lives...

We successfully introduced the first programme called Spark to our Youth Empowerment Service (Y.E.S). Children were asked to think of a sound that makes them happy. Instead of their names, these sounds will be played at the registration to increase their well-being. Their response was very positive and encouraging and we are already looking forward to continuing to explore the world of sounds....

To know about Life-Echo : www.life-echo.co.uk 

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