Thursday, 10 December 2020

We are so pleased to have placed another little person into our Tiny T.E A. Preschool at The Cloud - our Centre for Children's Empowerment in Sri Lanka...

Sadly the boys father passed away in 2018 leaving his mum alone to bring him up. Especially challenging as he has Downs Syndrome - and even more so as they come from very humble backgrounds; from a poor communiTEA supported by T.E.A. - this is his home.

At Tiny T.E.A. he will enjoy the best education possible in a bright, modern, positive and supportive environment with healthy & nutritional food. Ever school day. All for fee!
This is what we do @ T.E.A.
It is such a privilege to work for these amazing children and be able to provide them with hope, opportunity and life chances.
This is only made possible by your support.
If you want to support these amazing children at Christmas then please donate something to The T.E.A. Project. and make someone's life a little brighter.

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