Thursday, 10 December 2020

The T.E.A. Project is excited to announce the line-up for our first virtual festival

 The T.E.A. Project is excited to announce the line-up for our first virtual festival - CommuniTEA. It all starts on December 13th and runs for the 12 days of Christmas:

There will be acts performing from the UK, Sri Lanka, USA & Europe - all coming together in support of The T.E.A. Project & the performing arts communiTEAs. Live music, dance, art, activism, cooking and yoga! All streamed direct to your sofa - so no need to worry about lockdowns or social distancing; we are bringing everything to you!

It has been an incredibly difficult year for everyone; nobody has escaped the fallout from the global pandemic. The charity sector and the performing arts communiTEAs are no exception. Funding for charities and income from live performances have been decimated.

So we decided that you all needed some fun & distraction from the past year, a reward, while at the same time providing essential CommuniTEA support.

So please, follow our events on Facebook & Instagram. There is something for everyone. Show your support by sharing these events to raise awareness, by watching them & interacting and most importantly by donating.

All the performers are giving their time for free - all they ask is that you support them by making a donation to The T.E.A. Project via our website

CommuniTEA links are visible all across our social media platforms. Just follow them to join the fun.

One thing this year has taught us is that Community is so important. So support CommuniTEA this December & help us end 2020 on a high note.

Merry Christmas - see you there!
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