Thursday, 5 September 2019

Need Adventure?

Come & live with The T.E.A. Project in Sri Lanka!
From £1,500 p/p - 1/2 week packages inc flights, visa support, airport pickup/drop off, internal transportation, accommodation, meals, itinerary, cultural excursions, certification of your experience and a memento of your time to take home....
Experience the adventure of a lifetime. With memories that will last forever.
Email: to express your interest and to receive more information from our TEAm.
*Places are limited dependent on availability. Travel insurance & vaccinations are the responsibility of each individual traveler. 100% of costs go back into The.T.E.A. Project's support of vulnerable children from poor communities in Sri Lanka.

Suicide Prevention Day 2019

September 10th 2019 is Suicide Prevention Day. The T.E.A. Project's Annual Fundraising Appeal for 2019 will focus on Suicide Awareness & Prevention.
The T.E.A. Project needs public support & donations to enable a series of 1-day 'Suicide Awareness & Prevention Training' events to school children during the December 2019 school holidays.
Sri Lanka has one of the highest rates of suicide in the world.
Programmes will include secondary aged school children from our partner schools within the tea plantation communities of Hanthanna, Kandy.
Students will look at case studies to identify 'warning signs' and decide on appropriate interventions. Participants will make suicide prevention posters which they will take back to their schools to display. Training will be informative and help children understand the national and international context of suicide among the population and youth. It will equip participants with the knowledge needed to identify warning signs, intervene appropriately and provide participants with a plethora of helpful contacts and organisations to reach out to if they or someone they know is at risk.
Importantly, training will be positive and participatory, it will empower young people with practical tools and knowledge to help prevent suicide in Sri Lanka.
This programme is dedicated to the life & memory of our fabulous friend and supporter Liam; who died by suicide at the beginning of the year.
Please donate your support this Christmas via the link:…/suicideawarenesspreventionappea…
Thank you.

English Summer Camp 2019

Thank you to all the children who attended The T.E.A. Project's first 'English Summer Camp' over the past 6 weeks of school holidays. It was a great success. Attended regularly by over 90 children from schools and communities supported by the project and facilitated by our wonderful & dedicated TEAm of full time staff, volunteers and interns.
Holidays are a particularly vulnerable time for children within tea plantation communities. With little to focus or positively stimuulate them children are exposed to a heightened threat of danger from abuse & neglect. Left alone or often obliged to follow their parents into the fields or assist with domestic duties.
The summer camp is a positive and supported, child centred environment where children can learn, have fun and feel safe.
We look forward to hosting next years camp in a fully developed Empowerment Centre.

Official: The T.E.A. Project is an INGO in Sri Lanka!

It has been a long journey but we finally crossed the line this week....
Director Arun collected Certification from NGO Headquarters in Colombo recognising The T.E.A. Project as an official INGO (International Non Governmental Organisation) in Sri Lanka. A process we have been working on for the best part of a year.
It is a huge achievement & recognition of the project's frontline Empowerment work with vulnerable children in Sri Lanka.
Founded only 5 years ago, The T.E.A. Project has gone from 2 rucksacks to a national charity both in the UK & Sri Lanka, with a head office in Kandy and a Childrens Empowerment Centre to be completed in 2020. Serving thousands of children nationwide.
The victory is a shared one. Shared with all our supporters over the years, large & small, and a cherished group of core supporters that have fought for the project from the start. You know who you are. This is your achievement to.
'Only You Make The T.E.A. Project Possible'.
Every penny of every single donation, of materials, of skills has brought the project to this milestone and we are forever grateful. Now the work continues...
If you would like to support the work of The T.E.A. Project and help sustain the future and growth then please visit our website or email