Tuesday, 18 June 2019

The TEAm 2019

The TEAm 2019.

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You Make The T.E.A Project Possible - Thank you!

The T.E.A Project appealed for a new computer a little while ago; and our cries were heard.....
Thank you to local supporter Mr. Ravi Walker. Ravi has generously donated a new machine for children to use at The Centre; replacing our long serving (and very tired) original. It is an incredibly important and valuable gift to the project.
It's always uplifting and inspires us when we see people do things for no personal gain; but to just simply support others.
Thank you - you make The T.E.A Project possible.


This is 'Sweetie'.
Manager of our Volunteer Centre....
If you have travelled to Sri Lanka and seen the epidemic proportion of street dogs here then you know Sweetie is a lucky boy....
Contact the project and come and meet him: volunteer@theteaproject.org

ScooTEA Donation - Thank You!

Thank you to Peter and our partners, supporters & friends from http://rainbowtourssrilanka.com/ for this incredible donation.
This bike will enable our staff to provide outreach services & support to the most remote & needy plantation communities that T.E.A supports.
On behalf of the TEAm and the amazing children we are privileged to work for, 'thank you'.
We look forward to sharing her journey and work.


Profile - Racheal/Co-Founder

The T.E.A Project's inspirational Co-Founder & Director of Centre Development - Racheal Ireton.
Racheal is a strong advocate of social justice. Travelling to Mozambique as a young graduate inspired her to dedicate her life to helping others less privileged than herself. Her dream is for The T.E.A Project to empower millions of children living in poverty.
Email: info@theteaproject.org

The House of Colour

Children are not the people of tomorrow.....

'Children are not the people of tomorrow, but people today. They are entitled to be taken seriously. They have a right to be treated by adults with tenderness and respect; as equals. They should be allowed to grow into whoever they were meant to be. The unknown person inside each of them is the hope for the future.'


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By the Gods!

Summoning all the gods today @ The Centre, old and new, to bring peace, support and empowerment to Sri Lanka....
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T>E>A> Need YOU!

‘Change should not always be directed by large multinational charities.’
T.E.A. Need You.
If you want to support our work please use the following link:
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