Monday, 18 March 2019


Putting the 'fun' back in FundraisingðŸĪŠ!
The fundraising TEAm meeting @ The Centre.
(Left to right - Jerry, Sally, Carl & Madu)

Digging Deep!

A major stage of trench works & site clearance is complete at The Centre. The irrigation channel is necessary to divert heavy mountain rains away from The Centre. T.E.A will now consult with local environmentalists and an art collective to see how the now dry and cleared land can be best utilised for children visiting The Centre.


Come & 'Work-Away' with T.E.A.
New recruit Hesse from Denmark is doing an incredible job for the project. VolunTEAring his professional skills to teach English at a local school supported by T.E.A & his practical skills to maintenance of The Centre.
The project survives & grows because of amazing volunTEArs like Hesse and local volunTEAr supporters like Chamani (right of Hesse).
If you would like to volunTEAr your skills for T.E.A then contact the project at

Wishes Do Come True!

For the past 2 years The T.E.A Project has partnered with Theva Residency in Kandy to create a Wish Tree. Children from a local orphanage supported by T.E.A place their wishes on the tree which is then situated in Theva reception; guests have the opportunity to donate a gift - making the wish come true.
Here are the children opening their presents and realising their dreams.
Thank you to Dheeshana, her staff and all the guests who donated over the Christmas period to The Wish Tree.
You have made some very special and overlooked children very happy.

Tuesday, 12 March 2019

Bad Stats!

Into a New Technical Age - The Website 2 has Arrived!

The new website has arrived!
Come and see...
Donated entirely for free🙏

Women's Day 2019

Women's Day 2019🙏
'Sing of my deeds.
Tell of my combats.
How I fought the treacherous demons.
Forgive my failings,
and bestow on me peace'. Phoolan Devi.

New Arrivals!

Our newest volunTEArs, Isa & Mie, from Norway & Sweden arrived & had just enough time for a brief picnic lunch before getting started on work with volunTEAr Steve; renovating the latest section of the volunTEAr centre....
Without the support of amazing volunTEArs like this The T.E.A Project would not be so strong. VolunTEAr professionals are so welcome and their skills invaluable and appreciated.

Work AWAY!

Incredible to Welcome Steve today to The T.E.A Project. Steve is volunTEAring through 'Work Away' - from Canada to freely donate his skills to help develop our Children's Empowerment Centre in Hanthanna....
Our 1st international volunTEAr to The Centre. Another landmark moment.

Its Wonderful!

Our new Fundraising Platform -
Zero % commission or charges on donations or fundraising support.
100% of every donation goes straight to the project and on to the children TEA work for. Say no to commission on Charity!