Thursday, 27 December 2018

Sunday, 2 December 2018

This is it! The Empowerment Centre.

The Centre' has arrived.
We are happy to announce this will be Sri Lanka's first dedicated 'Empowerment Centre for Children' in Sri Lanka.
The Centre is located in the tea plantations of Hanthanna; supporting some of the most vulnerable children in Sri Lanka from local tea plantation communities, schools & orphanages.
The T.E.A Project have agreed an initial 30 year contract on the site to ensure the best chance of realising the long term success of the project and of sustaining our vision.
The T.E.A Project needs £16,000 ($20,000/ 3.5 million LKR). This will secure use of the land & buildings for 30 years. It's as simple as that. We of course need to equip and staff the centre but 16,000 pounds will ensure the site is dedicated to empower children for a minimum of 30 years.......
Please Please Please can you help us reach our target.
*80% of parents using the centre work in the tea industry. 40% of children leave school at 14, of the 60% who go on to complete their O/Levels only 20-30% will sit for their exams. The rest will drop out. When they leave school children follow their parents into the tea plantations, provide support working at home or go to work in shops and textile factories in Colombo and Kandy. Approximately 10% go onto further education. Emotional health is most affected. Children suffer from stress due to problems at home, many have alcoholic fathers and suffer abuse. The lack of English knowledge is the main barrier for children – if they improve English they can go into further education and have better job opportunities. Malnutrition is high. Approximately 20% of children who attend school can't afford to bring any food to eat so share food with friends. Schools are extremely understaffed and under-supported. If there are no teachers for subjects such as Math, English, Sports etc then children won't be taught.......
These are just a small example of the problems that face these remarkable young people. Life is against them before they even start.......
'The Centre is a very good idea, there is no one else to help these children and families. Students can attend after-school and weekend activities and not waste their time. It will help with their education. Parents and children do not think about their education; The Centre can help to guide parents and students at home. It can provide extra activities which will help children to not involve in negative activities' - Local School Principal.
Please Please Please can you help us reach our target.
'We Can't Achieve This Without You'.
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Carl & Racheal xx

Saturday, 1 December 2018

T.E.A International NGO!

We are proud to announce that as well as being a recognised UK Charity The T.E.A Project has recently been registered as an International NGO in Sri Lanka.
Incredible to think Racheal & Carl arrived only 4.5 years ago with their suitcases, 2 children and a desire to support children living in poverty.
Thank you to everyone who has played their part, big and small, in helping the project get to where we are today.