Friday, 28 September 2018

Congratulations Himali!!

Congratulations Himali on securing her new role as a Development Officer in probation.

Himali came to The T.E.A Project as an intern on her final year of studies before graduating the University of Peradeniya with a degree in psychology.

She moved on to forward her career after spending time with TEA as a Project Worker; completing a counseling diploma from the National Institute of Social Development. Training in hospital on mental health, mental disorders and rehabilitation.

Himali is a L.I.F.E (Leadership - Independence - Futures - Empowerment) Trainer with The T.E.A Project and continues to regularly support the children we work for.

'I hope to give my help to everyone; especially children that need help to their problems that disturb their day to day life achievement by using my knowledge and experiences'.

We are very proud of you Himali. Thank you for all your support. A true inspiration for young people and advocate for The T.E.A Project.

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