Monday, 30 April 2018

One Small Step for T.E.A...........

A big victory for a small chari-TEA like The T.E.A. Project. 3 more 'TEA-boxes' have been placed at Keells Super Store on Peradeniya Rd in Kandy. The 'till' boxes (as they are called in Sri Lanka) can bring in £70 of donations every quarter. A HUGE amount for the project - *equivalent to 25 days salary for a tea plantation worker. These add to the existing placements at Keells in the KCC mall in Kandy.
Look out for them when you shop!
Keells are one of the largest stores in Sri Lanka. Thank you to the management for their continued support and to TEA's Project Workers Divashini & Sachini for securing the placement.
Small footsteps leaving a large footprint.
*each 'TEA-box' is individually hand made locally by glass crafts people.


In less than 2 days i begin my 6 day solo challenge @ the remote Nilambe Buddhist Meditation Centre in Sri Lanka where i will be meditating for Training, Empowerment & Awareness (T.E.A).
Here's why:
The TEA Project is building a children's centre to support the largely forgotten tea plantation communities in Sri Lanka (the people who provide the daily 'cuppa' that billions of people around the world enjoy); & to serve children from poor communities nationally. Tea pickers (mostly women) work under the harshest conditions,for little reward (£3 per day before bills,food,clothing etc aretaken). Alcoholism in the estate sector has among men has been estimated at 70%. Families live in cramped, dark, unhygienic, medieval style housing with very little prospect of positive change happening. Exposed to abuses on a daily basis. Life is hard.
The TEA Project works within communities to provide better education, fight for improved working standards, better pay, access to heath services, greater representation of women. To raise the aspirations and increase the practical skills of young people so they can effect real & sustainable 'change.
'Dilshan' is just one of the children TEA supports. If you connect with our story and would like to support my daunting challenge then please follow the link to my fundraising page to read more & donate:
Please share my appeal. Thank you.

Thursday, 26 April 2018

Training the Trainers (April 2018)

The T.E.A Project are grateful to have been invited back by The POWER Foundation to Badulla; heart of the Central tea plantation community in Sri Lanka.
Over 2 days the T.E.A Project facilitated another successful 'Training the Trainers' (TTT) event . 'TTT' is a leadership programme for professionals working with children. Professionals from 10 schools attended; deputy heads, government trainers & teachers. Attendees learned skills from our L.I.F.E (Leadership, Independence, Futures & Empowerment) programme.
''In 19 years as a teacher i never done training like this - everybody was a leader; we are all equal''.
At the end of the training attendees made a pledge to implement when they returned to schools. Some pledged to tackle drug and alcohol problems, others to provide training for teaching staff and to immediately implement skills learned into teaching methods.
TTT & LIFE are central to the ethos of The TEA Project; gifting people freely with the skills that will help provide sustainable routes out of poverty.
The T.E.A Project and POWER Foundation are affiliated partners in Sri Lanka. POWER are a respected & established Sri Lankan non profit org; working at grassroots level for over 40 years to support tea plantation communities. Promoting awareness of gender equality, working to ease ethnic conflict and conduct peace building activities.
Thank you to The POWER Foundation for your kind & generous hospitality and to all the professionals who took part so enthusiastically during training.
*L.I.F.E as been positively evaluated by 100 Sri Lankan school children and a detailed research analysis report on L.I.F.E's effectiveness has been commissioned and is available via our website:…/life_evaluation_report_201…

Monday, 16 April 2018

Med-TEA-tation Selfie!

Meditation selfie. Not sure how Zen it is.
Think I'm supposed to be less attached to material objects.......
So, just over 2 weeks to go until my 6 day med-TEA-tate for The TEA Project challenge.
Loads of work on & feeling a bit tired.

Figured I need to practise some sitting or I'm going to struggle. Will try & meditate a little everyday now.
I've raised nearly £1,100; just £23,900 short of my target - I'm confident😂. If you would like to help me buy bricks to build a children's centre for some very poor communities in Sri Lanka then please click on the link:
If you can't; then maybe share my post. Somebody just might. Thank you.

Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Meditate 4 T.E.A!

In 4 weeks i begin a 6 day solo challenge to try & help raise some money to buy bricks for The TEA Project's 'Centre Appeal'; to build a children's centre for poor communities in Sri Lanka. There's the possibility of enlightenment......but more likely, a very numb backside.
Please support me in my challenge by following the link and donating some bricks!

Monday, 2 April 2018

Brick by Brick!

'Donate a Brick - Leave a Legacy!'
The T.E.A Project is committed to empowering children out of poverty. We are asking you to donate bricks; and a lot of them too. Enough bricks to build a children's centre in the poorest tea plantation communities of Sri Lanka. We want to help as many children as we can escape poverty. But we can’t help any if you don’t help too.......
A gift, an occasion (commemorate a birth, a memorial), message for a special person, name your business....what ever the reason; donate a brick and TEA will display it permanently in The Centre.
The size of the donation is yours to decide. But remember, as more and more bricks are given, more and more work can be done so don’t hold back; donate lots of bricks!
Donate bricks by visiting our official appeal page:
Leave a donation & your simple message ref #Bricks.
You can read more about 'The Centre Appeal' by clicking on this link:
The TEA Project is funded 100% by public donation.
'Help Us to Build a Solid Future for Children Living in Poverty'.