Monday, 26 March 2018

'EVERY-body Training' - March 2018

Grade 8 girls from a rural international school attend The TEA Project's healthy relationship programme.
By tradition, Sri Lanka could generally be considered conservative when it comes to relationships; compared to Western counterparts. This can bring positives; respect & security; a protection of youth. It can also bring difficulties. Ignorance and with that fear; a lack of emotional resilience. 'Sri Lanka has one of the highest suicide rates in the world'. Our young people need to retain the traditions of respect and, most importantly, safety. They also need direction out of the emotional shadows and into a rapidly changing and complex future; one quite different from tradition.
'EVERY-body' is an inclusive & safe learning environment structured specifically for and focused on both Sri Lankan girls and boys. They are supported, free to ask questions, discuss thoughts with peers etc. 'EVERY-body' is fun and child centred.
The TEA Project provides all it's support services for free by donations from the general public. TEA are looking for runners this year to 'Run4TEA' and help us to keep providing our services for young people from poor communities.
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Thursday, 15 March 2018

'Sri Lanka is OK'.

You may or may not have been made aware by media reports of trouble in Sri Lanka recently between sections of the Buddhist & Muslim communities.
Firstly i would like to assure you that everyone connected with The TEA Project & our partners are well.
A State of Emergency was called last week to try and calm tensions in a small number of local Central & Eastern communities within the country; to reduce the possibility of increasing unrest spreading. To our knowledge this has been largely a success. This included daily curfews and a ban on certain social media outlets to try and stop the spreading of hate speech. As a result, The Project has been unable to communicate largely with the outside world. Social media services have been returned today.
People have their own opinions as to why the trouble started; an attempt to undermine the current government by hired extremists, underlying racial tensions, bad governance etc. We don't have an opinion on that. All we know and have evidence of is that the Buddhist and Muslim communities have traditionally got on well in Kandy where our Head Office is located. Each community respects and shares in the others religious festivals/celebrations and buys from their respective community shops, food stores etc. This continues. Life has returned to normal.
Sri Lanka has been through some turbulent times over recent decades and there is no appetite among the majority of the population to return to that. The TEA Project will help to provide support to that vision and to an inclusive, integrated, equal, prosperous and peaceful future for Sri Lanka.
Please spread the word. 'Sri Lanka is OK'. Please don't let the small voice of extremism be shouted over the silence of peace.
We look forward to sending you news soon of our work which has continued throughout this time.
Carl Gale - CEO
The TEA Project

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Meet Divashini!

Meat Divashini! The TEA Project's new VolunTEAr Project Worker.
The project is excited to welcome Divashini to the TEAm. Experienced in teaching & tri-lingual in English, Tamil & Sinhala.
She is already proving to be a great asset to TEA. This week Divashini will travel to the West of Sri Lanka to support and help facilitate workshops at a TEA partner school. We are sure she will become a strong role model for the young people we work for.
If you would like to VolunTEAr your professional skills to The TEA Project then please contact us at:

Thursday, 1 March 2018

Centre Partnerships!

The TEA Project can announce support to 2 more Sri Lankan schools, a primary & secondary; 850 children in total. Both schools are located within the vulnerable tea plantation communities surrounding The TEA Project's proposed children's centre development in Gonakelle, UVA Province. The school will receive immediate & direct support from the project; and from 'The Centre' when funding is achieved and the building established. An intensive English programme developed by professional TEA project teaching volunTEARs will be provided freely for Grade 13 students in April; to strengthen their 'job ready' skills and chances of success beyond the school.
The TEA Project is appealing for donations to help us build an essential children's centre in this neglected tea plantation area of Sri Lanka. If you can help us to build 'The Centre' for vulnerable children & families then PLEASE follow the links below to make a donation and help raise awareness.