Friday, 15 December 2017

We are on our way!........

TEA have raised over £1,500 so far in offline donations & gift aid for our 'Centre Appeal' and in April 2018 two supporters will be running in a 'Half' & an 'Ultra' marathon for the appeal.
For a small international charity this support is so valuable; we are incredibly grateful. TEA may be small but the charity is doing some very big things; our services are 'essential'.
''Building 'The Centre' will bring immediate benefit to over 3,000 unsupported families of nearby villages and estates. Providing access to education, employment and community development support. Including English language courses, free child day care, empowerment training, educational workshops, therapy, counselling, free food provision and vocational training courses''
That's approximately 30,000 people!
If you you are thinking of making a donation this Christmas then please consider The TEA Project for your support. TEA will work so hard to ensure your donation provides the maximum benefit where it's needed most..........with the children TEA empower.

Sunday, 3 December 2017

If you do one thing today please read this:

 The past four years at The TEA Project have been 'INCREDIBLE'.

In 2014 we left the security of our home, family and friends; with our babies, to a country we had only ever visited on a computer screen. I woke up on that first morning in Sri Lanka and thought 'what the #!%# have i done'.......
Since that day we have rarely looked back.

We've traveled 1000's of km's on every form of uncomfortable transport available; from Brighton to Bentota, Galle to Glasgow. Worked with thousands of amazing children. Been teachers, builders, advocates, artists, role models & employers. Built a charity. Been let down & lifted. Criticized and encouraged. We've broken bones, had break downs, break ups and somehow found the strength to build ourselves back again. We have been inspired & left totally devastated. Supporters have climbed peaks in the Himalayas, run marathons, baked cakes, emptied their pockets & opened up their homes to support The TEA Project. 2017 has been hell. But, thanks to public support & each other we are tasting a little bit of heaven again.

Although the route we have traveled may be unique our ups and downs are not. Life is incredibly hard for most people & can be so rewarding in equal measure. Racheal and are only too aware that times are hard & that everybody has a cause close to their hearts. But, if you could spare the price of a packet of fags, a bottle of wine, a trip to the cinema, a pint down the pub, that take-away meal you maybe didn't need, maybe even more than that then we 'desperately' need your help to build 'The Centre'.

There is a huge need in Sri Lanka for The Centre. The children we work to support are regularly mentally, physically & sexually abused; neglected, with little hope. The Centre will return that hope to these wonderful children and to their communities. It will help develop aspirations, to inform & educate, build futures.

If we can do this it will be amazing. We will make sure of it.
Please please please please please please, if you believe in what we are doing and if there is anything, 'ANYTHING', you can donate to 'The Centre Appeal' then the children we work for need it more than you know. Money, materials, skills, there anyone in your social/business network that could help, friends, family. Anyone? Simply raising awareness is something.........
If you have read this far 'thank you'. If i have offended you by asking then i sincerely apologise. But ultimately we are a charity; if we don't ask then we cease to exist.
It is Christmas, it is a time for giving and for children. Please support 'The Centre appeal 2017'. You can read & see our plans for The Centre, donate, see the work we do and take a walk around the building by clicking on the following links.
All our very best wishes to you and yours this season.
Carl Gale - CEO
The TEA Project

Friday, 1 December 2017

My Voice Will Be Heard @ The Centre


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