Monday, 30 October 2017

VolunTEAr Programme - Central Province

UK Social Worker & TEA VolunTEAr Emma recently spent 3 days (*and nights) supporting residents, students & staff at a number of partner organisations in the Central province.

Work included:
• Sessions with teachers covering teaching standards, children’s needs and contact with birth parents. • SAFE-TEA (Safeguarding) training with 36 teachers from a nursery, orphanage and local College. • An English lesson covering emotions words. • Nursery intervention teaching English. • A creative workshop teaching crochet and a session of fun games and therapeutic colouring activities. • Also an address to 100 college students about female empowerment and overcoming obstacles.
Emma's experience, combined with her enthusiasm & professionalism created a safe & supportive environment where children felt comfortable & able to express their individual qualities, skills and ideas. Most importantly to have fun.
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Wednesday, 25 October 2017

'The Power of TEA' - VolunTEAr Blog (Emma)

Before joining TEA, I had never travelled outside of a western country, eaten curry with my hands or bargained with a tuk tuk. My travel experience had been very limited and deciding to volunteer was a big decision for me.

I am a social worker and I had left my job in the UK a few months prior with a knowledge that front line social work was not for me. So I came to TEA; with more baggage than my luggage suggested.
From my very first day in Sri Lanka The TEA project made me feel welcome and comfortable. I had received my project plan (very thorough!) before I arrived and was able to acquaint myself better with the kind of work I would be doing. After introductions and a settling in period I was let loose in Sri Lanka.
I have had so many opportunities and experiences here in Sri Lanka but I think that my favourite was working alongside an Orphanage outside of a tiny town in Hill Country. There were 29 female residents; all had their own experiences of trauma, loss and abuse. The cultural divides were huge, from understanding hospitality and faith to just learning how to eat respectably with my hands in front of people. I loved being able to do a whole variety of work from teaching English to five year olds (I forgot that they are able to finish a picture quicker that Lewis Hamilton finishes a lap at Silverstone), to being able to bring my own passion (knitting and crochet) to a lesson with the older children. I enjoyed stretching my training muscles again and leading a safeguarding workshop for teachers.

I have also loved being able to travel around the island, see and experience new places as well as trying a whole host of different foods. As a side note, the food has been incredible and it is going to be a hard adjustment eating cereal, rather than curry for breakfast again.

I have learned so much about myself and other people here. I would thoroughly recommend challenging yourself. Especially those like me; who may have forgotten what they love or what they are good at. By helping here at The TEA Project I have been able to share a little of my own experience and develop a whole set of new skills in the process.

Emma (UK/Aus)

Tuesday, 24 October 2017


'It's a privilege to work with these young people'.

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VolunTEAr Emma

New volunTEAr Emma is an experienced frontline social worker & participation officer from the UK. Emma travelled from Australia to donate her skills to The TEA Project.
Today she left for 'Pearls of Paradise' girls orphanage; 2 hours by bus outside Kandy.
Emma will introduce herself with an opening lecture on 'Women, Travel & Safety'; topics chosen by the girls. Then she will spend 2 days delivering our SAFE-TEA programme to community teachers & staff. SAFE teaches professionals how to recognise, deal and report signs of abuse in children. Emma will conclude her visit by running English & Art Therapy classes for the young residents.
If you would like to donate your valuable professional skills to The TEA Project then get in touch. We would to hear from you.
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Tuesday, 10 October 2017

TEA Mobile!

'TEA have a wish'. We provide our empowerment services freely to every corner of Sri Lanka. We catch trains, buses, tuk tuks, motorcycles, hitch lifts and walk wherever we need to go. The journey is usually difficult & uncomfortable.
The TEA Project would benefit from having use of our own minibus. A mini van will enable TEA easier and increased access to thousands more vulnerable children and be able to provide more support services.
We have been given an opportunity to hire a minivan. The vehicle is the only asset of a needy family; currently unused. For 10,000 rupees (£50/$65) a month they have agreed that The TEA Project can have use of this fully taxed, insured & maintained van.

We have secured funding for an initial 2 months and it is already making a big difference. TEA are looking for supporters who would like to sponsor the £50 a month needed to keep the van working for the project. Your donation would also directly support an amazingly kind family much in need & deserved of reward.
If you think you or anyone you know could help please share this post or email us at:
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Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Ice Cream! Ice Cream!

'If TEA can keep ice cream cold in Sri Lanka TEA can achieve anything!'
The TEA Project has had another great Children's Day.
'We are so happy to be back among our friends (old & new) and doing what we love to do most. Working for these amazing children'.
We'll post the sights and sounds from this year's celebrations soon.....
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TEA with Tracy!

Racheal and Carl met the lovely Tracy Holsinger in Kandy this week to discuss future development plans for TEA.
Tracy is Sri Lankan Patron for The TEA Project.
Dynamic, empowered and an advocote for equality and children's rights; Tracy encapsulates the principals of TEA. An aspirational role model for young people with a strong public voice to increase awareness & support for the The TEA Project.