Friday, 7 July 2017


This is 'Every-Body' ©
A dynamic & interactive 'healthy relationship' programme developed by The TEA Project and the amazing Dr.Annabel; a sexual & reproductive health specialist volunTEAring from the UK.
The aim of our latest programme is to provide information and generate discussions that help support the emotional & physical challenges of children leading to, through and beyond puberty. From reproduction to relationships. Removing the mystery, fear and embarrassment. Developing understanding & knowledge.
Every-Body © provides a safe space for dialogue. Where adolescent girl's & boys can talk freely and in confidence. An essential platform for young people; particularly for children raised in traditionally conservative home environments. Most importantly it's 'fun' and child centred.
Here are some images from the first trial day of training with Dr.Annabel. Everybody © has been received fantastically well and will be rolled out to children across Sri Lanka and compliment TEA's L.I.F.E ©, SAFE-TEA © & Training the Trainers programmes.