Friday, 11 November 2016


Today students listened to a comprehensive collection of their chosen SPARKS (happy sound memories) at the start of the school day.
Next week The TEA Project will replace morning registration with a 'sound-register'. Students names will be replaced by an individual SPARK; chosen by each child from todays session. The SPARK relates to a 'happy feeling' they recall.
The TEA Project is supporting LIFE ECHO's research into sound and how sound memories (or ECHOES) can be used to improve the well being of young people.
Students will record information on their feelings before & after SPARK registers to monitor changes in well being. This data will be used to support information into this revolutionary life therapy.

Monday, 7 November 2016

Public Speaking & Presentational Skill Training

Through September to November The TEA Project ran a term plan related to improving public speaking and presentation skills at a partner school in the Central province. Training was led by our local Project Worker and supported by a volunteer student intern on placement with the project complimenting her psychology studies at a local University.
Children can commonly lack confidence or over compensate with bravado. Often symptoms of a negative home life or lack of educative support or personal belief. Our sessions include directions on effective communication with a lot of practical presentation. Students watch videos of their presentations and compare them to footage of recognised public speakers from Sri Lankan culture.
Children were instructed on effective presentation techniques; for example behaviour management and volume control. With practice & encouragement the children all reached a high level of improvement in their public speaking and presentation ability.
The Principal commented that the students appeared more confident and willing to step forward in school programmes & classes.