Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Local School Event - Joining Hands Network

We were privelaged to attend an event to celebrate and promote Sangamitha School, one of our school partners in Kandy.

The TEA Project was recognised at the event by the Principle, dignitaries and patrons for the support we give the school in attempting to re-establish Sangamitha in the local community. Quite unexpected.

We are proud to do what we can to help the wonderful staff and inspiring young people of Sangamitha in their fight for the schools survival. The school is very poorly supported but serves the most needy. Without Sangamitha their would be no affordable education facility in this rural idea.
We handed out awards, opened the candlelight ceremony and even old beardy had to get up for an impromptu speech.

Thank you to all the children for their performances, reminding us why we do what we do and for everyone at the school for their warmth and to our friends who showed up to show their support to the school. 

Much appreciated. Thank you.