Monday, 16 November 2015


The 30/30 Appeal: L.I.F.E Training (September - October 2015)
Sponsored by Tracey & Bernard (Bracken-Mercer)

The L.I.F.E (Leadership, Independence, Futures & Empowerment) Training Programme ran during September and October 2015. The training consists of 12 intensive hours run over a four week period; 25 children participated in the programme aged 11-12 years old from a rural school in Kurunegala, Sri Lanka.

The training programme aims to:

·         Develop confidence and self esteem
·         Improve listening and team work skills
·         Develop leadership qualities
·         Develop presentation and communication skills
·         Teach children about children's rights instruments and entitlements

Here is a brief overview of your programme and what some of the children achieved:

Day One:  The children shared what they hoped to achieve from the training with others, they identified their strengths, they learnt about good and poor leadership qualities and planned and delivered their first group presentations.

Day Two: The children looked at personal qualities and skills which they wanted to improve; i.e. be a better public speaker, improve confidence etc.  Each child made a Personal Goal which was realistic and achievable then in groups all the children planned and delivered a creative presentation.

Day Three: The children identified the difference between children and adult rights, i.e. children need protection and love.  We learnt about the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and everyone received a child friendly version of the Convention.  We played debate games and posed questions like 'do men make better leaders than women'?  and 'do adults know more than children'?

Day Four: On the final day of the programme children reviewed their Personal Goals and shared lessons learnt and barriers faced.  The children importantly learnt that if they 'try hard' and 'be brave' they can achieve anything.  The children received a certificate of achievement, a group photograph and we evaluated the learning outcomes and experiences of the children.

Outcomes and feedback from the training:
All the children commented about how they felt more confident after the training and more comfortable speaking in public.  The children developed  presentation skills and learnt about the importance of good body language and eye contact.  Children commented they learnt how working together produced better results and helped them forge trust in others and new friendships.

From the evaluation forms most children preferred the goal setting activity and the many games we played during the training.  Two children said the training had ''changed their lives''.  A teacher who participated will soon be trained by The TEA Project to be a L.I.F.E trainer and she will be supported to deliver subsequent training programmes independently.

All this you made possible. Thank you both so much.

Racheal & Carl

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