Wednesday, 2 September 2015

The TEA Project 30/30 Appeal 2015

Do you remember The TEA Project's 30/30 Appeal 2014 (India)??

One year on we are launching our second appeal.

Throughout September we need to raise funding for an even bigger & more innovative 30/30 programme of support which in October and November we plan will reach hundreds of Sri Lankan children.

Take a few minutes to read our plans and please consider supporting a day of 30/30.

Here's why:

Poverty in Sri Lanka continues to be a growing problem; often forcing families to make their children work.
''Current figures estimate 900,000 children aged five to seventeen engage in child labour activities in dangerous conditions such as mines, with chemicals and pesticides or with dangerous machinery. The actual figure is likely to be significantly higher. Children are sent to work as a necessity to support their parents. Many of these children do not receive a basic education or adequate healthcare.
Violence is a very sad part of daily life and children turn to begging, others to drugs and crime or are forced into child slavery; trafficked or prostituted by organised criminal gangs''.