Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Back to School

First Day Back @ School:
The TEA Project has secured our first school partnership between Madduma Bandara School in Kandy and Sayes Court School, Surrey, UK. In April we presented an assembly to Sayes Court where a Q&A was held and a partnership pack supplied by the children of Madduma Bandara was handed to the pupils and staff. This week we reciprocated on behalf of Sayes Court by presenting their partnership pack of photo's and information to Madduma. It has been great to see such enthusiasm and excitement from both sides towards the partnership and we look forward to supporting a positive and mutually rewarding future for the students.

Designs for an urban art regeneration project called 'Cloud Steps' have also been agreed at Madduma which we plan to start in May.

We are currently in the process of finalising our second school partnership between the innovative Royal International School (RIS), Kurunegala and Tregaron School in Wales. We hope to finalise the partnership in May to coincide with a Welsh volunteer beginning work with the project and the start of our new tailor made personal development training (L.I.F.E - Leadership, Independence, Futures, Empowerment) at RIS; the training will be delivered weekly throughout 2015/16.

We are gradually readjusting to Sri Lankan life after the UK visit. The relentless heat & rain, the mosquitoes, getting the kids back into school, rice & dhall for breakfast (the usual) and happy to be back at work. We are constantly improving, developing new projects and creating lasting partnerships which we look forward to informing you on in the near future.

Thanks for making it happen.
C&R xx

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