Monday, 2 March 2015


Youth Empowerment Training has always been at the centre of The TEA Projects vision.
It is the tool we believe will help us in assisting positive sustainable change to the lives of children and young people.

In the coming weeks we will be announcing an important new partnership that will allow The TEA Project to trial our new L.I.F.E Training Programme with young people in Sri Lanka for the first time and provide a strong platform to roll this out to hundreds more children as a result.
It is an exciting and important development and has taken alot of hard work by ourselves and supporters to get it to this stage.

We are returning to the UK on March 14th for one month to catch up with friends & supporters and to fundraise for the continuation of The TEA Project.

If our vision resonates with you and you want to get involved then we need your help to achieve this next stage. You can make a secure financial donation at our website or via our crowdfunding page…/empowering-children-…/x/9630400
Can you organise a spring/summer fundraiser? A school event, run 10k for T, Ebay unwanted items, a car boot sale, do a raffle at your church or mosque, down your local. 

Dependent on resources we hope to be visiting the South East, Lancashire and Scotland during our visit. Any help in reducing transportation costs would also be important and gratefully excepted. It would be great to see as many of you as we can while we're back.

Look forward to seeing you soon.

C&R xx

Volunteer Oli (01-03-15)

Thanks Oli, our 1st volunteer for The TEA Project.

You made such a positive impact on all the children and young people you worked with during your time with us in Sri Lanka. If you ever fancy a career change maybe you should look into life modelling, yr a natural!

Safe journey back to Australia and we look forward to hearing from you again soon.

All the best.


Important Resource Donations

Thanks to Michaela Thomson☆ (UK) & Glenda☆ (CA) for the much needed parcels and effort♡ recently... the Ozzy-Brightonite Oli Charmack...

and from Selena Laye in the UK*.

Our workshops are very resource intensive because we encourage the children in them to explore their creativity without restraint or judgement; they have access to everything they can lay their hands on. So as you can guess we are always in need of materials to continue giving the children the brightest creative experience we can.
If you want to donate materials like Selena then please get intouch. A little goes a very long way.

 If you would like to donate resources then please visit The TEA Project at:

T-Funday (13-02-15)

We recently ran an activity bringing together some of the children from the charity and girls orphanage we work with together.

This new partnership benefits all of the children in so many ways. 

The children from the charity were encouraged to contemplate the act of ‘giving’; they worked together on a small project making three beautiful handmade notice boards which were then presented to the orphanage.
The girls from the orphanage, who have so little, now have three colourful notice boards to brighten up their dark and austere living/eating space and fill some of the empty walls. The notice boards will allow the girls to display art work, pin up posters to inspire and help inform them about important services.

Approximately 60 children attended the Fun Day event. We provided music, games, various competitions and a festival of balloon action. The two groups of children soon forgot they were strangers; there was lots of laughter and excitement all fuelled by biscuits and juice. 

We used recently donated balloons and materials sent from the UK & Canada to help facilitate this Fun Day event which gave smiles to so many underprivileged children.

Thank you.

The Famous Five - British Council Award (03-02-15)

Congratulations to 'The Famous Five' who were chosen by The British Council in Kandy to attend a12 month English Programme. 

All their course fees will be met by The Council. 

We were really pleased to inform them of the decision and hand over their valuable course books. We are so proud of them and grateful of this potentially life changing opportunity.