Tuesday, 27 January 2015

'PENship-Pals Programme'


Remember how nice it used to be to get a letter from a loved one in the post?

The children at the school & orphanage we work with have asked if any1 would like to be their Pen-Pal.....

 The children have very little experience of life outside Kandy. The girls from the orphanage literally have only themselves for company, no phones, television, a computer, games, or a newspaper. No link to the world. 

If you know anyone who would like to make a 'PENship' with one of these amazing young people and bring a colourful exchange of worlds into their lives then please get in touch and we can swap details. 

It would literally mean the world to them. 

Potential 'PENships' will be matched on an age basis. Some of the younger children here cannot unfortunately write well enough in English to be able to converse suitably. The 'PENship Pals' here will likely be 10+ BUT there is a big difference in their maturity to Pals from oversees. We would happily match a Sri Lankan child aged 10 with a UK child aged 7+ for example. Both boys and girls are very welcome in the 'PENship-Pals Programme'.

Anyone interested in a 'PENship' should send details of the parent/guardian, the name of your child, age, whether they are a boy or a girl and a brief description of their interests.

*The TEA Project will provide all the stationary and stamps necessary for the children we work with to communicate with their 'PENship Pal'. The responsibility for cost of postage etc by their oversees pal needs to be met by their parent/guardian.

*Please forward your 'PENship' request to Racheal: 


Thank you.

*(Due purely to the positive interest from young people in the North & North-East of England,UK we created the 'PENship Pals Programme'. We have opened up the age suitability for potential 'PENship Pals' to 7years+ for oversees children based on this interest)

''Thank you to those concerned who inspired''.


Friday, 23 January 2015

The TEA Project Crowd Funding Campaign 2015

The success of The TEA Project in 2014 has surpassed all our expectations. We are proud that you have been crucial in helping us achieve this. 

Thank you*

We want to extend the reach of The TEA Project and commit ourselves to building and protecting what we have all achieved. 

To realise this the cost of running the project for another year will be £10,000.

Today we are launching a bid to continue the work of The TEA Project into 2015/16 and reach our 10K target with a 'Crowd Funding' campaign.

If you want to continue to support The TEA Project with a financial donation then please copy the following link from Indie-go-go then paste it into your URL search bar https://life.indiegogo.com/fundraisers/1092991/x/9630400?fb_action_ids=10153409191134239&fb_action_types=og.shares  It will take you straight to our crowdfunding page; read our story and become an active part of making The TEA Project happen. Alternatively if you would prefer to offer important services, materials or stage a fundraising event then please get in touch via our website (www.theteaproject.org.uk).

We would love to hear from you and will support and promote you any way we can.

We simply can't do it without your belief and active involvement.

Much love,

Racheal & Carl xx

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Girl Power!

In the last few weeks The TEA Project has begun supporting a local orphanage for girls in Kandy. 
We provide a weekly 'girls group' which we are developing as an important tool where the girls can interact, play, learn, express themselves and have fun. Its simply about being girlie and celebrating them as young women. 
The weekly time we spend with them provides an essential escape from the stark environment of the orphanage and the daily grind of chores. In the photographs you can see some of the girls relishing the opportunity to kick back and play a game of 'save yr balloon' and relating 'who they are' in an art workshop with Racheal.

We are already seeing the girls develop in the short time we have spent with them from introverted and sombre children to fun, laughing and expressive young women. 'Girl Power!'

'Bringing the Inside Out' Workshop

Another day, another public holiday in Sri Lanka! We've given up trying to keep up. Today is 'Pongal'; but you knew that right?

The schools are out so we were in running a 'Bringing the Inside Out' workshop to keep all the Kandy kids who attend the centre entertained and off the streets. 

It was difficult working in the heat today but everyone shone to match the sun's influence*. The older group made 'The Green Man' & 'Rolling Stone' sculptures from bonding wire which will be planted with vines and evolve into natural features of the front garden area. The younger ones held court inside making creative decorations from recycled resources. 

A great day of Pongal fun and great being all together again with this amazing lot. Maybe pack the suncream next time though!