Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Local School Event - Joining Hands Network

We were privelaged to attend an event to celebrate and promote Sangamitha School, one of our school partners in Kandy.

The TEA Project was recognised at the event by the Principle, dignitaries and patrons for the support we give the school in attempting to re-establish Sangamitha in the local community. Quite unexpected.

We are proud to do what we can to help the wonderful staff and inspiring young people of Sangamitha in their fight for the schools survival. The school is very poorly supported but serves the most needy. Without Sangamitha their would be no affordable education facility in this rural idea.
We handed out awards, opened the candlelight ceremony and even old beardy had to get up for an impromptu speech.

Thank you to all the children for their performances, reminding us why we do what we do and for everyone at the school for their warmth and to our friends who showed up to show their support to the school. 

Much appreciated. Thank you.

Monday, 30 November 2015

The Yoga Programme (19-10 to 16-11 2015) Sponsored by Kumar kathiramalai

Through October & November The TEA Project engaged in helping to bring together 'the mind, body & soul' of students at a local government run school in Kandy with support from 30/30 Appeal sponsorship.
Venerable Sri Lankan Yogi Guru Janaka Tennakoon kindly volunteered his services to The TEA Project to teach a combination of Ashtang & Hatha yoga for the students . The Yoga Programme ran weekly for one month and sought to help empower young students with practical and transferable yoga techniques that would strengthen them physically, mentally & spiritually to tackle life's challenges.
The programme aimed to:
• Develop individual sensory perception
• Improve listening skills and personal well-being
• Improve behaviour
• Increase mindfulness and well being
• Improve physical and mental health
• Develop transferable Yoga skills
• Provide a therapeutic environment where children could relax and build confidence
Here is a brief overview of the programme and what the children achieved:
The word “hatha” can be translated two ways: as “willful” or “forceful,” or the yoga of activity, and as “sun” (ha) and “moon” (tha), the yoga of balance. Guru Janeka combined therapeutic postures of Hatha with more physically exertive Ashtang positions to complement feelings of mental and physical well being for the students.
The lessons were greeted as a welcome change to the children's school day and the programme was expertly led by Guru Janaka who commands a natural and non threatening air of respect amongst pupils; teachers commented that he was 'very cool'. It was heart warming to see so many smiles and hear so much fun and laughter from the children during sessions. The students come from the poorest socio-economic backgrounds where abuse and neglect are common; often struggling to concentrate in class and displaying unruly behaviour towards peers and staff. The children noticeably took to the challenge and it was clear that the experience had effected them very positively. The children will be able to take what they have learned and continue to apply the practice outside as well as inside school.
Pictures speak a thousand words and we need to only look at photographs taken during classes with the students to feel the positive energy and wellness.
All this you made possible. Thank you so much Kumar.
Racheal & Carl

Monday, 16 November 2015


        The 30/30 Appeal - Wired 4 Sound Workshop    
Sponsored by Dee Tracey 

A 'Wired 4 Sound' workshop was delivered on 'Remembrance Day' to children aged 11-15 years old who attend a Government run school on the outskirts of Kandy, Sri Lanka. The students come from the poorest socio-economic backgrounds.

The workshop aimed to:

·         Develop individual sensory perception
·         Improve listening skills & personal well-being
·         Increase awareness of global issues
·         Highlight the importance of resolving conflicts peacefully
·         Develop creative technical skills
·         Provide a therapeutic environment where children can relax,express    themselves and build confidence within a supportive environment.

Here is a brief overview of the workshop and what some of the children achieved:

The workshop opened with a relaxed 10 minute group discussion/ice breaker. The workshop facilitator referred to a  t-shirt depicting and image of Che Guevara. The children were asked if they knew who the image was of.  One child guessed correctly but the group perception was that 'Che' was responsible 'for bringing drugs to Sri Lanka'. An explanation and discussion about the Cuban Revolution, armed conflict and the 'act of remembrance' followed. The global significance of 'Remembrance Day' would have been lost as none of the children had heard of the First or Second World Wars so the recent Sri Lankan Civil War was put into context and led in turn to a discussion about child soldiers, the futility of war and the need to always find peaceful resolutions to conflict. The children & staff later took part in a  '2 minutes silence' for the first time in their lives; all the children respected the silence.

In preparation for the 2 minute remembrance students were asked to sit at their desks, eyes closed, and to listen. After 10 minutes they were asked to write down and discuss 10 things they had observed and from this list choose one thing to make into a 'wire sound' sculpture. Vehicles and birds were created and crafted by hand.

Following a short break students were asked to compile their wire sound sculptures together, creating a collective still life. The rest of the session was used to draw the collective still life. Students were encouraged to 'keep drawing' during the session and to 'never use an eraser'. A lot of students have behavioural issues, lack discipline and find it difficult to concentrate for long periods. Practising these simple rules show children not to look at the marks they produce as mistakes that need erasing. They are supported to take pleasure in the process, to not be concerned about the end result; which will come naturally. Children are taught to keep working until they have what they wanted to achieve; if it's 'boring' keep working until it is no longer boring.
This process is difficult for the children to accept at first after years of rigid discipline. But they soon adapt, learning to enjoy 'the experience' as much as the result. Students are shown how to draw freely, without over-thinking, by following a series of 'timed' life drawing exercises. These fast sketches create a more natural and flowing style over time.

The Principal of the school commented that before The TEA Project applied this approach students were unruly and unable to sit quietly and concentrate in class. She believes they now have this ability and this is due to the teaching practise applied in The TEA Project workshops. The children have all noticeably developed an aptitude of confidence.

All this was made possible by a donation to The 30/30 Appeal 2015.

Racheal & Carl


The 30/30 Appeal: L.I.F.E Training (September - October 2015)
Sponsored by Tracey & Bernard (Bracken-Mercer)

The L.I.F.E (Leadership, Independence, Futures & Empowerment) Training Programme ran during September and October 2015. The training consists of 12 intensive hours run over a four week period; 25 children participated in the programme aged 11-12 years old from a rural school in Kurunegala, Sri Lanka.

The training programme aims to:

·         Develop confidence and self esteem
·         Improve listening and team work skills
·         Develop leadership qualities
·         Develop presentation and communication skills
·         Teach children about children's rights instruments and entitlements

Here is a brief overview of your programme and what some of the children achieved:

Day One:  The children shared what they hoped to achieve from the training with others, they identified their strengths, they learnt about good and poor leadership qualities and planned and delivered their first group presentations.

Day Two: The children looked at personal qualities and skills which they wanted to improve; i.e. be a better public speaker, improve confidence etc.  Each child made a Personal Goal which was realistic and achievable then in groups all the children planned and delivered a creative presentation.

Day Three: The children identified the difference between children and adult rights, i.e. children need protection and love.  We learnt about the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and everyone received a child friendly version of the Convention.  We played debate games and posed questions like 'do men make better leaders than women'?  and 'do adults know more than children'?

Day Four: On the final day of the programme children reviewed their Personal Goals and shared lessons learnt and barriers faced.  The children importantly learnt that if they 'try hard' and 'be brave' they can achieve anything.  The children received a certificate of achievement, a group photograph and we evaluated the learning outcomes and experiences of the children.

Outcomes and feedback from the training:
All the children commented about how they felt more confident after the training and more comfortable speaking in public.  The children developed  presentation skills and learnt about the importance of good body language and eye contact.  Children commented they learnt how working together produced better results and helped them forge trust in others and new friendships.

From the evaluation forms most children preferred the goal setting activity and the many games we played during the training.  Two children said the training had ''changed their lives''.  A teacher who participated will soon be trained by The TEA Project to be a L.I.F.E trainer and she will be supported to deliver subsequent training programmes independently.

All this you made possible. Thank you both so much.

Racheal & Carl

Monday, 9 November 2015

'The Healthy Children Project' (HCP)

'The Healthy Children Project' (HCP)
With planning now in place and Government Departmental approval received we were able to tell the girls from the orphanage about their involvement in 'The Healthy Children Project' running for 5 weeks over Christmas.

A team of professionals and medical volunteers from Scotland will take the project to the girl's home and also schools and rural working women to educate them on sexual health, first aid and life saving resuscitation techniques. The girls were also informed about additional plans to take them on a day trip to the Botanical Gardens in Kandy for a picnic and games. 

There will definitely be no rice and curry on the picnic menu!

The girls were also excited to learn about a Christmas Day party with carols, stories, special food, crafts and party games. 

Our family is looking forward to spending Christmas day with the girls and each of the 21 orphans will get a present to open on the big day. Our two children will donate a Christmas present each to the girls home.

Each gift costs around £10 per child. If you would like to give a gift to an orphaned girl this Christmas you can send a £10 donation to The TEA Project and we will provide you with details of the gift purchased and of the girl who's Christmas you made bright.                                                                   You can donate via the websitewww.theteaproject.org.uk by referencing your donation
'xmas gift' or get more information about HCP by emailing info@theteaproject.org.uk

'Voluntary Teaching Assistant' required in Sri Lanka.

'Voluntary Teaching Assistant' required in Sri Lanka.

The TEA Project is looking for a volunteer who can deliver after school classes to grade 6, 7 & 8 children with additional support needs in English. You must be able to commit to a minimum of 3 months with longer periods encouraged. 
This is a fantastic opportunity for someone who is either trained and wants to share their skilled experience or a young person who has plans to become a teacher.
A teaching qualification is not required for this post.
It is preferred for the applicant to be degree educated or possess equivalent work experience, be enthusiastic, engaging and having a competent understanding of the English language is essential.
The position is based at a school in rural Kurunegala, Sri Lanka and will be wholly funded by the applicant with practical support provided by The TEA Project and school administration.
Please email your interest with a CV (and photograph if possible) to racheal.ireton@theteaproject.org.uk

Sunday, 4 October 2015

Bigger, Brighter, Stronger....

How's your summer?
                                                                                                                  The monsoon is approaching here; the weather is literally changing by the minute. Everyone is building up defences in preparation for the heavy rains which caused so much destruction with mud slides last year. But it all adds to the eclectic Sri Lankan routine.

So, we've been busy. As you would expect (I hope).

Charity Status!!

I guess the first news is we did it! After months of hard work and evaluation The TEA Project became UK Charity No.1163485. This takes The Project to another level, opens up more funding avenues and support. We are so happy that the needs of the children and the work of the project have been recognised. The next step is to get the green light on our charity bank account; then we can register with Just Giving etc. We should hopefully hear about that in the next couple of weeks. If you fancy doing some fundraising for The Project or have any ideas please get in touch at info@theteaproject.org.uk.

The 30/30 Appeal

A BIG thank you to everyone who supported our 30/30 Appeal through September. From the donations raised we will be running a Leadership Camp, L.I.F.E Training and Arts Programmes in the coming months. We will contact you personally with news and photos from the days you made possible soon. You're TRAY-mendous!


Our School partnership between RIS in Kurunegala and Henry Richard School in Wales is strengthening. The TEA Project has also been tasked to implement an ongoing weekly 'English Development Project' at RIS to help improve teaching standards and raise the level of English for their rural students.

Healthy Living Project

This sizeable health project will be running from December through to January. We are grateful to have medical professionals arriving from Scotland to volunteer their valuable experience and time to the project. Programmes will be delivered to children, rural women's workers and street mothers. Training subjects will range from basic first aid to sexual health awareness and health packs will be handed out to attendees. This is such an important opportunity to really raise health awareness amongst poorer communities.


We don't have Halloween or Bonfire night in SL so we can be forgiven for planning a little early for Xmas! A shipment of 80 handmade TEA-Christmas cards arrived last week in the UK. If you would like to make a donation and buy any cards then please get in touch at info@theteaproject.org.uk. 100.01% of profits go back into funding essential TEA Project programmes for vulnerable children. Thank you to Elaine, Joanne, Amy and Jane for supplying the distribution. Girl Power!                                                                                                   
We said goodbye to our first project apprentice recently who accepted a position in Dubai; made possible by extensive support and completion of an English Language coarse provided by The TEA Project.We will be looking to appoint a new young person onto the apprenTEAship when a suitable candidate becomes available.

On a Personal Note

Racheal's 400th birthday is on 10th October and friends arrived from the UK to share in the celebrations en-route to a new life in NZ. Our son Kyan took the opportunity to break his arm an hour after their arrival! Thankfully he was treated well and released from hospital the same day but with a full arm in cast this has seriously hampered any swimming or body boarding plans he was harbouring for Racheal's 'Big Beach Birthday Bash'. Unbelievable timing. Poor Kyan. If you would like to drop Racheal a birthday message on the big day please send it to carl.gale@theteaproject.org.uk.

 *We would personally like to thank Amy & Kate from Surrey, UK, who completed The Byfleet 10km Run for TEA last month. Fantastic achievement girls. Thank you both so much.

TEA Life Continues

Additionally we run 3 weekly arts workshops, a weekly drop in at the girl's home, are excited to be starting a new Yoga programme at a local government school on the 19th, are building up the Kandy 'Joining Hands' School network, starting urban art redevelopment projects in the coming month, managing the UK/SL School Partnerships, running training, fundraising, accounting, financing, directing, blogging/posting, planning, admin...........lol.

Not bad for only two of us!

But seriously if you have any professional skills that you think could help the project then please do drop us an email and get in touch. We would welcome hearing from you.

Pull on those jumpers and enjoy spooky October. We'll catch up with you in November with a weather update and more TEA news.

C&R xx

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

The TEA Project 30/30 Appeal 2015

Do you remember The TEA Project's 30/30 Appeal 2014 (India)??

One year on we are launching our second appeal.

Throughout September we need to raise funding for an even bigger & more innovative 30/30 programme of support which in October and November we plan will reach hundreds of Sri Lankan children.

Take a few minutes to read our plans and please consider supporting a day of 30/30.

Here's why:

Poverty in Sri Lanka continues to be a growing problem; often forcing families to make their children work.
''Current figures estimate 900,000 children aged five to seventeen engage in child labour activities in dangerous conditions such as mines, with chemicals and pesticides or with dangerous machinery. The actual figure is likely to be significantly higher. Children are sent to work as a necessity to support their parents. Many of these children do not receive a basic education or adequate healthcare.
Violence is a very sad part of daily life and children turn to begging, others to drugs and crime or are forced into child slavery; trafficked or prostituted by organised criminal gangs''.

www.theteaproject.org.uk    info@theteaproject.org.uk    donate@theteaproject.org.uk

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Asian Flu & Things to Do

The past month has been a struggle for The Project health wise. Sri Lanka was hit with a nasty island wide influenza epidemic effecting most of the population. It took a concoction of medicines and 5 weeks for us to shift it. But we're fortunate we can seek effective treatment; sadly it's taken the lives of some of the more vulnerable.
We've juggled our health with work and the school holidays and the struggle has been worth it.

During the August holidays The TEA Project works at a local charity centre in Kandy; a safe place that cares for vulnerable children. Here children receive further education, are guaranteed a hot meal and can hang out with their peers and relax in safe surroundings. The TEA Project provides the charity with creative and stimulating weekly 'Street-safe' workshops where children get the chance to explore & express their creative abilities both individually & collectively through fine art, crafts, dance, music, debate, creative writing, children's rights awareness and competitions.  Most importantly we are there to make sure they have fun.

The TEA Project works for children from the poorest social backgrounds. If employed, parents work long hours in the lowest paid manual labour positions such as street cleaning or if not working then begging. School holidays present increased hardship rather than excitement. Without supervision or the distraction of school to occupy their time children assume increased family responsibilities; cleaning, cooking, washing etc. Modern day Cinderellas. Others are left in the care of extended family members where abuse is common. Some prefer the care of the streets and the harmful opportunities that arise from tourism. So Street-safe is an important service.

We decided to take our kids to the beach by Trincomalee in the north east for a 5 day mini break of prescribed hammock time and sand action to try and shift the flu with some sea air. It didn't work unfortunately but we still had the best family time ever. 5 hours by bus from Kandy gets you to Trinco; relatively still undeveloped since the end of the war compared to the south it's a pearl of a place where you can kick back away from the crowds and pollution of the city. We even gained some new friends to The TEA Project. We met Ela and Lukasz from Dublin one evening and have since received an email letting us know they have ordered 100 pens for the Sri Lankan children. Thank you guys.

Look out for the launch of our '30/30 Appeal 2015' in September. With your help we are planning to provide 30 days of dynamic youth led training & workshops through October and November 2015 that will reach hundreds of Sri Lankan children through three empowering TEA project initiatives; 'Life/Echo', 'L.I.F.E Training' and 'Joining Hands'

Keep your eyes on the horizon.

We wish you all the best of health,

Have fun wherever you are.

Catch you in September...


Wednesday, 22 July 2015

School's Out!

Schools out! Summer is really here, well we think! Sri Lanka doesn't do seasons much, only sun & rain, rain & sun...and mosquitoes. We're missing the events of an English summer & suffering from a stubborn dose of the Kandy flu; but it seems to have hit the whole population so we're not alone. In true British spirit we don't complain (much) and the work goes on...(with antibiotics).

It's a pleasure to write the TEAblog and describe back what you are helping to create but keeping it concise is proving more of a challenge; but we will endure if you can. Your support is making a difference and we need your continued support & action to make that difference a lasting one.  Your literary stamina is 1st class.

End of term was rewarded with a TEAparty at MB school with the compulsory balloons, Jelly and sweets (and fruit salad of course made by the children). The term end marks some of the busiest preceding months The TEA Project has experienced so far. It culminated with the completion of our 2nd successful L.I.F.E Training & 1st Peer Leadership programme at RIS School in Kurunegala and also the release of our new awareness video. Did you have time to check out 'The TEA Challenge'?? If you haven't seen the video or made plans to 'Take the Challenge' then visit www.theteaproject.org.uk and have a look https://vimeo.com/132092894. *Thank you for all the hours of video production & web building which was donated for free from generous techies (geeks&oddballs) in the U.S. & U.K.

The events signalled a transition into the second half of the year for us where new innovative  projects and even bigger challenges lie ahead; projects to compliment our current growing schedule of programmes.

..........LIFE/ECHO is coming....

School's out.....for a while at least. So enjoy yourselves. Summer holidays are a particularly vulnerable time for the young people we work for. Without school to occupy them, the absence of consistent care and with an influx of tourists to the city children are loured back onto the streets and exposed to the subsequent dangers of abuse that follow. Throughout August we are running creative workshops with a local charity that will provide a distraction the children need; keeping them safe and entertained. Friends have been recruited and are keenly recycling everything we can get hold of in order to provide materials for the workshops. Recycling is an alien concept in Sri Lanka so the exercise is really valuable but more importantly it helps to subdue our Western guilt; having to continuously throw recyclable materials away, which for a family from London, is too traumatising for words.We are also planning to 'Train the Trainers' for the charity to compliment the August workshops. Managers and children from all four of the charities projects in Sri Lanka will attend. At a recent event hosted by the charity we were reunited with some of the young people who attended our 'Youth Volunteer Training' in Nuwara Eliya last year. We are so proud to see the confidence they have continued to develop and hear about how they still volunteer and help in their local community.

.........30/30 is coming......

Following the summer break we hope to have in place a school network in Kandy called 'Joining Hands'. There are 5 government run schools in the area serving the very poorest children. This month we secured a new school partnership making a current tally of 2 schools and we are in discussions to recruit the remaining 3 schools into the group. The idea behind 'Joining Hands' is to enable a supportive school network which provides mutual benefit and assistance to all students & staff of the member partners and allows them access to The TEA Project's Youth Empowerment services. The weekly assistance we provide to MB School through workshops, art regeneration projects like the recently completed 'Cloud Steps', PenShip-Pal Programme and school partnering are used to promote the benefits of 'Joining Hands' and establishing the network.

Please take time if you can to share TEA Project awareness whenever possible and visit the website to see how you can 'Take the Challenge', watch your new video and 'Help Change a Life'.

Enjoy the summer; we'll catch up again in August.

Happy camping.


Sunday, 14 June 2015

7 Days a Week

Hey Tpeepers,

Apologies for the lack of recent contact from us.
Our commitments to training, workshops, programmes and projects means we are working 7 days a week to provide the best possible outcomes we can for the young people we work with. We've never been so overworked and underpaid. It's great.

Work has been supported  over the past 3 weeks by the visit of an excellent volunteer from the UK who has worked with us at all our Sri Lankan partners; the orphanage, children's centre and schools in Kandy and Kurunegala. Rebecca is a former pupil of Henry Richard School in Wales which we have now partnered with Royal International School (RIS) in Kurunegala. She brought with her information which was presented to the pupils of RIS; it was great for the students to hear Rebecca's firsthand experience of life and education in rural Wales. She will be returning to the UK this week with a partnership pack developed through a very successful workshop held with RIS pupils.  This is our second 'School Partnership' project. Our hope is that  it brings cultural awareness, shared learning and friendship to hundreds more UK and Sri Lankan children.

The TEA Project's new L.I.F.E (Leadership, Independence, Futures, Empowerment) Training @ RIS in rural Kurunegala has finished its first full programme. 25 pupils aged 12-14 years proved amazingly receptive and engaging to what is a unique and completely new learning style; an evaluation by the children was extremely positive and motivating. A second programme has recently begun with 14-16 year olds and we're looking forward to training and empowering more children over the coming months and creating 'Youth Leaders' who will continue to teach the principles of L.I.F.E Training to their peers.

'Cloud Steps' is nearing completion.  This is an urban art project at a local partner school. We are applying a design to the entrance steps which will inspire the students & teaching staff and instil a sense of identity and pride to those connected with the school and the local community. Thanks to the small group of sponsors who's donations have helped make this project possible on such a small budget.

We are grateful that a recent bid for funding to Colombo International School (CIS) has been successful.  Funds from the bid will contribute to a future urban art project and be spent to purchase essential teaching and workshop  materials to use in our weekly workshops and training.
In July we will be announcing some very exciting news and developments for The TEA Project.

Our website is currently receiving a facelift from our kind contributors @ Radiant Point Technologies to relate TEA news more effectively to you and complement these positive developments. There are still a few technical changes taking place which will be added in the coming weeks but if you visit www.theteaproject.org.uk you will begin to get a feel of the new look. Try our new Instagram link https://instagram.com/the_teaproject and start following The TEA Projects journey @the_teaproject.

The positive daily impact of The TEA Project is continuing to grow and be felt by more and more vulnerable children and young people.

We're looking forward to speaking to you again soon about the latest work of The TEA Project.

In the meantime enjoy the summer rays.

''thank you for supporting us''.


Sunday, 17 May 2015

A Taste of TEA: A week in the life.

A Taste of TEA: A week in the life.

The  week starts brightly for The TEA Project on Monday at Madduma Bandara School. Here we run workshops for all year groups. It is both fantastically exhausting and a rewarding environment. This week the juniors were tasked to 'design their perfect school' whilst the seniors worked on a  school partnership project that we coordinate with a school in the UK.  Mandumma is severely underfunded and it's students come from the very poorest families in Kandy. Our presence here provides inspirational learning for the children and essential support to the teaching staff.

Tuesday is office  time to sit down at the TEA table. As well as the day to day admin and workshop planning  there is an urban art regeneration project, a new school partnership, volunteer programme, new projects, numerous workshops and a motivational address by local business supporters all around the corner to plan for. 

Like something from a Dickens novel Wednesdays regular visit to the girls orphanage provides a sobering contrast. The  intention of our weekly visit  here is to return some light back into the lives of these affection starved young women. Sessions are designed to be relaxed, sociable, safe, fun and inclusive. Focussing on well-being and participation. It is a chance for the girls to discuss any personal worries and to mentally escape from their dark, austere confines. A tree of life was created by the girls on Wednesday to brighten the joyless and empty walls of the dining room. We'll all be washing glitter out of our hair for weeks!

We run creative workshops on Thursday at a charity centre in Kandy that  supplies  after school provision for children who would otherwise be left to fend for themselves; often this independence turns to begging, crime and frequently leaves them open to abuse. The purpose of these workshops is to encourage natural, free expression; a forum where they are encouraged not criticised, stimulated; where they can release their inhabitations and have fun. We held an election to vote for a class president. The children designed their election posters, gave  an election speech and held a secret ballot where they voted for their president. Art is a universal communicator and an effective therapist.

Friday saw the beginning of our L.I.F.E training programme which will be delivered weekly to students at the innovative Royal International School in rural Kurenegala which is a  2.5 hour round trip bus ride from Kandy. The school provides the highest standards of education but is unique by welcoming and assisting children from lower income backgrounds. Here 25 children aged 12-14 will receive children's rights education, Leadership, Independence, Futures and Empowerment training. The two staff who attended the first session commented that the training had been "inspiring". We are looking forward to seeing future leaders develop.

Over the coming weekends our time will be focused on the completion of an urban art regeneration project at Madduma Bandara School; one we hope will provide a motivational new entrance for the students, staff and also return a sense of community pride. The budget is slim and the rain unforgiving but we will give it our best shot.

and on Sunday....we like to talk to you all.

*We need more overseas children to join our PENship Pal Programme, please contact racheal.ireton@theteaproject.org.uk for more info if you are interested.

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Back to School

First Day Back @ School:
The TEA Project has secured our first school partnership between Madduma Bandara School in Kandy and Sayes Court School, Surrey, UK. In April we presented an assembly to Sayes Court where a Q&A was held and a partnership pack supplied by the children of Madduma Bandara was handed to the pupils and staff. This week we reciprocated on behalf of Sayes Court by presenting their partnership pack of photo's and information to Madduma. It has been great to see such enthusiasm and excitement from both sides towards the partnership and we look forward to supporting a positive and mutually rewarding future for the students.

Designs for an urban art regeneration project called 'Cloud Steps' have also been agreed at Madduma which we plan to start in May.

We are currently in the process of finalising our second school partnership between the innovative Royal International School (RIS), Kurunegala and Tregaron School in Wales. We hope to finalise the partnership in May to coincide with a Welsh volunteer beginning work with the project and the start of our new tailor made personal development training (L.I.F.E - Leadership, Independence, Futures, Empowerment) at RIS; the training will be delivered weekly throughout 2015/16.

We are gradually readjusting to Sri Lankan life after the UK visit. The relentless heat & rain, the mosquitoes, getting the kids back into school, rice & dhall for breakfast (the usual) and happy to be back at work. We are constantly improving, developing new projects and creating lasting partnerships which we look forward to informing you on in the near future.

Thanks for making it happen.
C&R xx