Saturday, 20 December 2014

The TEA Project: British Council English Programme.

We have been developing a working partnership with the British Council in Kandy over the past few months. As a direct result of an initial proposal by Racheal and her subsequent mediation and meetings The British Council have agreed to provide five coveted places on their English Language Programme to children from Child Action Lanka (CAL). The children will be supported for a 12-month period; completely free of charge.

This week we took 16 children who attend CAL to a 'Placement Testing Seminar' at the British Council office in Kandy where they took test papers on English and had a 1-1 speech and listening interview. The aim of the day was to ascertain the needs and learning levels of the children. In 2015 five children will be selected to attend English programmes during the 2015/16 year term.
The financial cost of the English programme for the five children amounts to £2,500; this figure is the cost of the coarse fees alone and does not include the free books and materials we have negotiated for them from a local book store.

All the children attend local government run schools where standards and aspirations are not high and opportunities few to none.The childre
n come from very poor families who are marginalised and invisible to society. This opportunity will enable the children to study and learn English at one of Kandy's most prestigious schools. We are very proud that The TEA Project has helped make this life changing opportunity possible for some of the amazing children we have come to know well and have the privilege to work with.