Wednesday, 17 June 2020

Calling Out an SOS!

SOS! BELIEVE IT or buy a very basic, very used replacement for our little, broken down, 'zero frills', 1997, 650cc mini van, in Sri Lanka, is anywhere between £7-12,000 thousand pounds!!
....and it's the lowest priced model on the market. To buy a 'relatively good' used van will cost more than the price to build our entire Children's Empowerment Centre being built in Hanthanna......
More than £20,000 pounds.....

It's crazy, and it's heartbreaking. Our old van has provided aid through all weathers and environments. To thousands of vulnerable children and families. Without it, we are literally grounded.
If you have any good thoughts on how we can fix this serious problem please please get in contact; because we are out of ideas and money. A solution would mean the difference to so many children and communities.
We’ve had amazing news this week that the charity has been awarded our first partial grant that will allow The T.E.A. Project to consider opening our free Tiny T.E.A's Pre-School & free F.O.O.D (Fueling, Opportunities, Outcomes & Diet) programmes in September from our Centre.
We have been working incredibly hard to keep the charity on its feet throughout COVID. Providing food aid to plantation communities when they needed it the most.

The T.E.A. Project haven’t had 1 penny or rupee in government relief or funding. All of our fundraising activities and events have been cancelled. Our collection TEA-pots have been mostly removed from supermarkets and shops. We appreciate these are difficult times for lots of people and businesses, but we are still supporting so many people, if not more than ever....
We still pay rent for our office, pay for workshops & programme materials, salaries, we are still recruiting new local staff to the team and make weekly calls to the communiTEAs we support...
We receive a small amount from monthly donations and we are extremely grateful to those who support us in that way and have over the years; you know who you are. It has kept the project alive. But it's nowhere near enough to keep us going.
We are doing all we can to secure more funding but we really need your help to keep this brilliant charity running and empower more children out of poverty. Our small reserve pot is now running low....
Please, if you can support us in any way by providing a solution to our vehicle crisis or if you are in a position to, you can make a donation to:
Thankyou ❤️🙏

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