Monday, 27 April 2020

The T.E.A. Project Continues Corona Aid Relief

Another drop of food aid was enabled through the generosity of public & private sector donations to The T.E.A. Projects crisis appeal.
A weeks supply of dry rations was provided to a 3rd communiTEA supported by Training, Empowerment & Awareness; an additional 60 families. Particular thanks to local project partner Rainbow Tours & international supporters Heart of Living Yoga🙏
We were also supported by our amazing local volunTEArs; risking their own well being to provide vital transport assistance and strength to the food chain🙏

Absolute loss of income & uncertainty continues to be the reality for our communities. Like thousands of grass root NGO's the future is also uncertain but with continued public & private sector support we can maintain supply of our essential services.
With your support we can continue to fight for these communities, communities who have served us tirelessly, and help to break the perpetual generational cycle of poverty.
'Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country' - JFK
In these times of suffering what was your response?
If you can spare a few rupees, a couple of pounds or a fist full of dollars then we need it here and we need it now; not tomorrow.
Small grassroots charities and NGO's are literally fighting for survival; if we disappear so does the support you see on the ground today.
We guarantee every gift donated will be turned into support.
To make a donation that we will use to buy essential items such as rice, dahl, flour, sugar, tea etc please make a donation to our Sri Lankan Charity Bank Account:
The TEA Project
Commercial bank (Kandy)
Or donate securely internationally via our website:
Thank you for supporting our communities at this time 🙏🏾
These are unique and difficult times but united we can overcome.
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