Thursday, 26 December 2019

2019 - Our Year in Review

Over 2000 vulnerable children reached!
9 Schools join T.E.A.'s support network!
INGO status achieved!
Land agreement signed! A permanent home for T.E.A.
International VolunTEAr Centre opens!
Key local partnership network continues to grow!
Empowerment programmes start @ The Centre!
BIGGEST Children's Day Ever! 100 Children!
Strongest TEAm of staff & volunTEARs!
Outreach Scooter donation reaches rural communiTEAs!
Incredible film about T.E.A. donated & released!
New roof for The Centre donated!
New website donated!
T.E.A.'s first English Summer Camp is a HUGE success!
No Limits Art & Creative Writing Comp attracts 500 entries!
TEA 100% free from commission profits via fundraising!
Suicide Prevention Programme begins!
We receive our first international commission for T.E.A!
........and to be announced.
The T.E.A. Project's first Children's Empowerment Centre in Sri Lanka WILL be built in 2020! News of a major international partnership will be announced very soon. Supporting the most vulnerable children from tea plantation communities The Centre will have a pre-school for 40 children, an after-school English Programme, provide Empowerment Training, a daily nutritional food programme, The Saturday Service Community Support Programme, Health Clinics, counselling, Environmental programmes, a VolunTEAR Centre, local employment & volunTEAr opportunities......and so much more.
All our services will be provided for FREE!
All this has always & only been made possible by you!
Thank you for all your support over the past 6 years.
'Only you made this possible'.
We look forward to bringing you more news soon & wish you all a prosperous & peaceful new year.
If you would like to send a gift of support to help run programmes @The Centre please make a donation via our website:

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