Friday, 18 October 2019

Student Social Work Internship

“Thank you T.E.A. for all your support with my field placement, thank you for your kind words, flexibility; everything. I haven't the words to explain your support.”
Induka (far right) is our first student Social Work Intern from the ‘National Institute of Social Development’ (NISD). She has just completed her final year placement with The T.E.A. Project. Induka met her objectives during her 3-month placement with T.E.A; she worked with the local community in Hanthana, held meetings in our Children’s Empowerment Centre and ran events inside the community.
Three key projects were completed:
1. Identified barriers children face with their education and parental barriers with work.
2. Self-employment for women in the community was introduced.
3. A drugs prevention programme was held for community youth.
“I am happy because I achieved my objectives about this project. The T.E.A. Project can support children as a Social Worker, as a service provider, as a counselor, as a guide. I feel The T.E.A. Project will give a very good intervention programme from The Children’s Empowerment Center in Kithulmulla”.
Thank you Induka for your project help, for being an active member of our TEAm and for helping children and families who live in neighbouring communities supported by the Children’s Empowerment Centre.

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