Thursday, 5 September 2019

Suicide Prevention Day 2019

September 10th 2019 is Suicide Prevention Day. The T.E.A. Project's Annual Fundraising Appeal for 2019 will focus on Suicide Awareness & Prevention.
The T.E.A. Project needs public support & donations to enable a series of 1-day 'Suicide Awareness & Prevention Training' events to school children during the December 2019 school holidays.
Sri Lanka has one of the highest rates of suicide in the world.
Programmes will include secondary aged school children from our partner schools within the tea plantation communities of Hanthanna, Kandy.
Students will look at case studies to identify 'warning signs' and decide on appropriate interventions. Participants will make suicide prevention posters which they will take back to their schools to display. Training will be informative and help children understand the national and international context of suicide among the population and youth. It will equip participants with the knowledge needed to identify warning signs, intervene appropriately and provide participants with a plethora of helpful contacts and organisations to reach out to if they or someone they know is at risk.
Importantly, training will be positive and participatory, it will empower young people with practical tools and knowledge to help prevent suicide in Sri Lanka.
This programme is dedicated to the life & memory of our fabulous friend and supporter Liam; who died by suicide at the beginning of the year.
Please donate your support this Christmas via the link:…/suicideawarenesspreventionappea…
Thank you.

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