Wednesday, 3 April 2019

Water is Free!!

Sri Lanka is experiencing serious, daily, water & electric cuts due to the soaring hot season temperatures. Poor communities suffer most. Our Centre in the tea plantations is fed by underground spring water; the supply is free and constant. Villagers are able to freely collect water from the centre supply to drink, cook, bathe etc....
This is an incredibly valuable source for our communiTEA and TEA are happy to share our systems....

Nearly Isn't Good Enough.

Please Like & Share! We need just £3,500/ LKR 800,000 to reach our target. Once achieved, The Centre can be completed in 4 weeks; ready to provide free pre-school & after school education, empowerment training, daily free food provision, counseling, community support, outreach programmes, volunTEAr experiences & support projects, local employment opportunities, health programmes, environmental protection projects............... We are nearly there. Nearly isn't good enough. Every day we wait is a day of opportunity lost to the children T.E.A support. Please help us get there if you can.https:// hashtagtheteaproject hashtagtheteap hashtagthecentre hashtagsrilanka hashtagempoweringchildren

Free 4 Pre's!

The T.E.A Project will provide free pre-school education & daily meals @ The Centre. This support doesn't come for is provided by acts of kindness. Please donate support to our free pre-school empowerment education programme:
Zero% commisssion or charges on donations. Everything goes to charity.

TEAm Talk!

Our first monthly TEAm building day for staff & volunteers @ The Centre today....
Hot discussions followed by a hotter trek; led by Suranjith, our partners at Dome Hanthanna...
So hot, the forest burst into flame🔥
Maybe do a rain dance next month🌨
Seriously in need of some water at the moment in Sri Lanka....

Come & VolunTEAr!

If you would like to volunTEAr with The TEA Project email us at
We are waiting for you.....
#theteaproject #theteap #tea #srilanka #volunTEAr #empoweringchildren#thecentre


Congratulations to Tharindu Right), The T.E.A.Projects 'Programme Co-ordinator', on graduating with your Social Work degree. Everyone in the TEAm is proud of you and we look forward to sharing your journey and seeing you empower the children we work for.

Monday, 18 March 2019


Putting the 'fun' back in Fundraising🤪!
The fundraising TEAm meeting @ The Centre.
(Left to right - Jerry, Sally, Carl & Madu)

Digging Deep!

A major stage of trench works & site clearance is complete at The Centre. The irrigation channel is necessary to divert heavy mountain rains away from The Centre. T.E.A will now consult with local environmentalists and an art collective to see how the now dry and cleared land can be best utilised for children visiting The Centre.


Come & 'Work-Away' with T.E.A.
New recruit Hesse from Denmark is doing an incredible job for the project. VolunTEAring his professional skills to teach English at a local school supported by T.E.A & his practical skills to maintenance of The Centre.
The project survives & grows because of amazing volunTEArs like Hesse and local volunTEAr supporters like Chamani (right of Hesse).
If you would like to volunTEAr your skills for T.E.A then contact the project at

Wishes Do Come True!

For the past 2 years The T.E.A Project has partnered with Theva Residency in Kandy to create a Wish Tree. Children from a local orphanage supported by T.E.A place their wishes on the tree which is then situated in Theva reception; guests have the opportunity to donate a gift - making the wish come true.
Here are the children opening their presents and realising their dreams.
Thank you to Dheeshana, her staff and all the guests who donated over the Christmas period to The Wish Tree.
You have made some very special and overlooked children very happy.