Sunday, 16 September 2018

Help Me.

Work & travel have taken me between the United Kingdom, India & Sri Lanka recently. One unifying theme during that time; more pertinently than ever. Division, division between the 'have' and 'have nots', extreme privilege versus the lowest social poverty, racial divide, religious, young & old, political, nationalist etc...... I was told 'don't tip' this little sleeping boy while flies infested his nose. Don't tip him? I wanted to scoop him up and save him...but I couldn't. He was beyond my reach. As a father that breaks my heart. But I would like to say something on behalf of that beautiful little boy, a 'tip' if you like. Please be kind and do what you can to reduce division. It doesn't have to be huge, just do something....anything. Be kind. That's my tip. I am proud to represent The T.E.A Project and work for children who have no voice, are neglected, abused, deemed worthless. They have given me everything. They are my priceless gift. We will work tirelessly to help children out of poverty, provide them with skills and aspire to more....more than an empty bag of rice for a bed. hashtagtheteaproject hashtagtheteap hashtagempoweringchildren hashtagpolitics hashtagSriLanka hashtagIndia hashtagtravel hashtagtip hashtagpoverty hashtagreach hashtaggifts hashtagChildren

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