Monday, 26 March 2018

'EVERY-body Training' - March 2018

Grade 8 girls from a rural international school attend The TEA Project's healthy relationship programme.
By tradition, Sri Lanka could generally be considered conservative when it comes to relationships; compared to Western counterparts. This can bring positives; respect & security; a protection of youth. It can also bring difficulties. Ignorance and with that fear; a lack of emotional resilience. 'Sri Lanka has one of the highest suicide rates in the world'. Our young people need to retain the traditions of respect and, most importantly, safety. They also need direction out of the emotional shadows and into a rapidly changing and complex future; one quite different from tradition.
'EVERY-body' is an inclusive & safe learning environment structured specifically for and focused on both Sri Lankan girls and boys. They are supported, free to ask questions, discuss thoughts with peers etc. 'EVERY-body' is fun and child centred.
The TEA Project provides all it's support services for free by donations from the general public. TEA are looking for runners this year to 'Run4TEA' and help us to keep providing our services for young people from poor communities.
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