Thursday, 1 March 2018

Centre Partnerships!

The TEA Project can announce support to 2 more Sri Lankan schools, a primary & secondary; 850 children in total. Both schools are located within the vulnerable tea plantation communities surrounding The TEA Project's proposed children's centre development in Gonakelle, UVA Province. The school will receive immediate & direct support from the project; and from 'The Centre' when funding is achieved and the building established. An intensive English programme developed by professional TEA project teaching volunTEARs will be provided freely for Grade 13 students in April; to strengthen their 'job ready' skills and chances of success beyond the school.
The TEA Project is appealing for donations to help us build an essential children's centre in this neglected tea plantation area of Sri Lanka. If you can help us to build 'The Centre' for vulnerable children & families then PLEASE follow the links below to make a donation and help raise awareness.

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