Monday, 30 October 2017

VolunTEAr Programme - Central Province

UK Social Worker & TEA VolunTEAr Emma recently spent 3 days (*and nights) supporting residents, students & staff at a number of partner organisations in the Central province.

Work included:
• Sessions with teachers covering teaching standards, children’s needs and contact with birth parents. • SAFE-TEA (Safeguarding) training with 36 teachers from a nursery, orphanage and local College. • An English lesson covering emotions words. • Nursery intervention teaching English. • A creative workshop teaching crochet and a session of fun games and therapeutic colouring activities. • Also an address to 100 college students about female empowerment and overcoming obstacles.
Emma's experience, combined with her enthusiasm & professionalism created a safe & supportive environment where children felt comfortable & able to express their individual qualities, skills and ideas. Most importantly to have fun.
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