Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Attention New Recruits!!!

We are committed to empowering children from poverty.
To enable a sustainable future for The TEA Project in Sri Lanka we are recruiting professionals to the TEAm who share our vision; professionals we feel can strengthen the projects foundations and growth.
Importantly, people who can inspire young people from poverty.
We are happy to welcome Nadeeka & Himali.
Himali completed a successful TEA Project Internship in 2016 and was recruited following completion of her University degree studies in psychology. She will support our Senior Project worker Sachini as a Sessional Project Worker.
Nadeeka is the project's Volunteer Coordinator. Professional, internationally traveled and an excellent communicator; most importantly a really nice person. Nadeeka is an ideal role model for the young people we work for to aspire towards.
If you are interested in VolunTEAring your professional services to the project then please drop Nadeeka a mail at: volunteer@theteaproject.org
We will be making more announcements in the weeks & months ahead. Please continue to support The TEA Project. None of this would be possible without your donations & support. You are effecting real change.
'You Make The TEA Project Possible'. Thank you.
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