Thursday, 8 September 2016


"Hi Everyone!"

I'm Sachini. I am a Project Worker at The TEA Project.

Following a suggestion from the Principal of a local school supported by TEA i developed a plan to make a debate team. Secondary children participate in these sessions which started in June. 

I use techniques such as voice management. Students are split into two groups and give a talk according to a chosen topic. 

In the first session some of the children were a little bit shy to talk in front of others; I saw they were sweating, trembling, having some tears in eyes and couldn't talk properly. Therefore I practiced with them to talk for one minute about any topic. 

I focused support on them and allow children to think nothing is impossible.The sessions have been a great success. All of the children are very keen on debating and try to find debate topics. 

Some students from a nearby orphanage who attend the school debating club recently took part in an Inter-Orphanage Debate Competition. Children from 36 orphanages within the Central Province of Sri Lanka represented their respective homes.

I am proud to announce that these students from the school's 'Fast & Furious' debate team' came 1st place; winning the competition.

Congratulations to all the children on your empowering achievement from everybody @ The TEA Project; we are very proud of you. 

I am looking forward to more exciting debates in the new term.


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