Friday, 17 April 2015

The UK 2000km Tour

The TEA Project is glad to be back to work in Sri Lanka following our one month 2000 km tour of the UK. Thank you to everyone we met along the way who donated materials & resources, partnered with the project, made financial contributions, provided transport, fed & watered us, accommodated us and importantly offered words of support and laughter. We are indebted to you all.
Thank you: Ian & Helen, Jesus Eden Anja Lau, Claire Ellis Dominic Ellis, Hazel Durkin Ricky Lim, Lyla, Ryan & Michelle Smith, Kate Marchant Melissa Neilson-Rai Reena Thomas Friederike Brandt Elaine Turner Joanne Houghton Chris Beeran Houghton Daniel Burke & Nessa, Isla-May, Steven Johnston Johnny Slinger Nick Crossland & Donna Crossland, Tasma, Nick Wilson, Hannah Smith Liam Bonar El Huulse Matt Hulse, Isla-Smila, Roadside Picnic Oona LurĂ¥s Wiggan, Kylie Hudson.xx
C&R xx

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  1. Glad to have you back! You are both doing amazing work here, really bringing light to those sometimes dark world's which most never knew exist x