Tuesday, 6 November 2018


Please help our Director to shut up!
Brave Racheal will be joining a silent Buddhist retreat next week to raise funding for The T.E.A Project's Centre in Hanthanna.......
Up at 4am every day, she will be meditating in different forms until 9pm; daily, for 6 days, with no electric or contact to the outside world.......
Please make it all worth while; click on the link to sponsor her superhuman challenge to enlightenment. Thank you.

Saturday, 3 November 2018

L.I.F.E in a Plantation School

The T.E.A Project spent the weekend at a rural school partner in the tea plantations.
TEA provided L I.F.E training over 2 days for 40 grade 5 children; learning leadership, how to keep safe, children's rights, to develop skills (listening, communication, presentation etc), played games, won prizes and most importantly had fun!
The training was facilitated by our amazing L.I.F.E Trainers in Tamil, Sinhalese and English.
All the children were awarded a certificate of L.I.F.E training after successful completion of the programme.

The Wish Tree 2018

'The Wish Workshop'.

Girls from our orphanage partner made their wishes this weekend for Christmas.

A 'wish tree' with all the girls dreams hanging on it will be kindly placed for the 2nd year running at Theva Residency thevaresidency.com in Kandy. Guests can choose a hand made wish tag from the tree, donate the gift and make a dream come true for some very deserving little women.


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Sunday, 14 October 2018


The T.E.A Project needs 500 pounds ($650) to lease this site in Sri Lanka's tea plantations & develop it into a centre to support 1000's of vulnerable children.
It will be the first of it's kind. A model for change.
Can you help raise the 500 pounds monthly rent, 6000 pounds ($8000) annual fees TEA need? Maybe with a collective group of friends, a sponsored event, via crowd funding, a family donation or part of a business looking to give back?

Can you make this amazing opportunity happen.
Donors are invited to Sri Lanka, to stay with the project, visit the centre and meet the children we work for.
'“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”
If you can help please inbox us here or email carl.gale@theteaproject.org Thank you.

Friday, 28 September 2018

Congratulations Himali!!

Congratulations Himali on securing her new role as a Development Officer in probation.

Himali came to The T.E.A Project as an intern on her final year of studies before graduating the University of Peradeniya with a degree in psychology.

She moved on to forward her career after spending time with TEA as a Project Worker; completing a counseling diploma from the National Institute of Social Development. Training in hospital on mental health, mental disorders and rehabilitation.

Himali is a L.I.F.E (Leadership - Independence - Futures - Empowerment) Trainer with The T.E.A Project and continues to regularly support the children we work for.

'I hope to give my help to everyone; especially children that need help to their problems that disturb their day to day life achievement by using my knowledge and experiences'.

We are very proud of you Himali. Thank you for all your support. A true inspiration for young people and advocate for The T.E.A Project.

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