Monday, 27 April 2020

Patron Recognised Woman of the Year

Congratulations to The T.E.A. Project's inspirational Patron. Just recognition 👏👏👏
A true aspirational role model to the young woman of Sri Lanka🙏

The T.E.A. Project Continues Corona Aid Relief

Another drop of food aid was enabled through the generosity of public & private sector donations to The T.E.A. Projects crisis appeal.
A weeks supply of dry rations was provided to a 3rd communiTEA supported by Training, Empowerment & Awareness; an additional 60 families. Particular thanks to local project partner Rainbow Tours & international supporters Heart of Living Yoga🙏
We were also supported by our amazing local volunTEArs; risking their own well being to provide vital transport assistance and strength to the food chain🙏

Absolute loss of income & uncertainty continues to be the reality for our communities. Like thousands of grass root NGO's the future is also uncertain but with continued public & private sector support we can maintain supply of our essential services.
With your support we can continue to fight for these communities, communities who have served us tirelessly, and help to break the perpetual generational cycle of poverty.
'Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country' - JFK
In these times of suffering what was your response?
If you can spare a few rupees, a couple of pounds or a fist full of dollars then we need it here and we need it now; not tomorrow.
Small grassroots charities and NGO's are literally fighting for survival; if we disappear so does the support you see on the ground today.
We guarantee every gift donated will be turned into support.
To make a donation that we will use to buy essential items such as rice, dahl, flour, sugar, tea etc please make a donation to our Sri Lankan Charity Bank Account:
The TEA Project
Commercial bank (Kandy)
Or donate securely internationally via our website:
Thank you for supporting our communities at this time 🙏🏾
These are unique and difficult times but united we can overcome.
Support @

Thursday, 23 April 2020

Take the TEA Challenge!

The T.E.A. Project needs your help
The Covid-19 pandemic has had a catastrophic effect on Charities with the cancellation of thousands of events and the loss of billions in income through fundraising events.
The ASICS London 10K should have taken place in July, one of our biggest one-day fundraising events….
Like many charities we have had to reduce or stop services at a time when vulnerable members of society need us the most.
You can help.
How can I get involved?
The TEA Challenge can be any activity you like – from running around your garden to holding an online workout with your friends.
Whatever your age or ability, you can take part. We’re looking for Home Heroes!
Anyone can take on the challenge
All you need to do is dream up an activity that suits your skills and complete it. Film your event or take photographs and send them to The T.E.A. Project. We will share them so everyone can see your challenge…
This could be something as simple as pledging to run or ride as your daily exercise, holding the plank or gardening. Do press-ups, get pals together for an online workout, complete keepie-uppies or headers, run laps of the garden on foot, scooter or roller skates….
Hula hoop, trampoline, dance in your living room, sofa-triceps dips, pilates or yoga. It can be anything!
Choose your Challenge, head to & create your fundraiser. Then share your challenge with friends and family online…
Or head to website to donate directly via and Paypal
Thank you for helping to save The T.E.A. Project by taking the challenge.

Monday, 30 March 2020

Empowerment Centre Development

The T.E.A. Project's new Empowerment Centre continues to rise from the ashes against all odds. We are fortunate the construction TEAm have been able to remain onsite; staying in our volunTEAr centre. This is a shot of the site from this morning. A brief lifting of the curfew enabled a very brief site visit. We could not be more grateful; away from their families & friends at this difficult time. It's a huge sacrifice and the value incalculable. We are hoping building work stays on track and The Centre can provide hope of times to come to our local communities; of a better life when this battle has been won.
Support @


The T.E.A Project is planning to initially take x100 'dry ration packs' for Sinhalese & Tamil families living in line house communities next to our Empowerment Centre development above Kandy. These packs will have food items for one family to last one week...
If anybody would like to donate food or money get in contact.
People surviving on daily wages have seen their income disappear over night during this crisis; we hope by providing food packs that we can lessen the incredible burden.
To donate money that we will use to buy essential items such as rice, dahl, flour, sugar, tea etc please make a donation to our Sri Lankan Charity Bank Account:
The TEA Project
Commercial bank (Kandy)
This is the preferred and least disruptive method. Food items will be bought and delivered during opening times of the current curfews.
Or send a delivery of essential items by car or 3 wheeler to our office in Kandy:
98/4 Galkanda Rd,
Thank you for supporting our communities at this time 🙏🏾
These are unique and difficult times but united we can overcome.
Support @

Monday, 17 February 2020

Appointment as Patron - Dr R Sulochana Segera

We are proud & excited to announce the appointment of Dr R Sulochana Segera as Patron of 
The T.E.A Project.
Dr. Segera's experience, skills & passion for work with children most at need will add a new dimension and ability that the project as been seeking to appoint; as we enter a huge stage of development for T.E.A.
A Doctor of Philosophy, Women & Empowerment, Founder/Chairperson of Women in Management and mother. Dr Segara is one of Sri Lanka’s top social entrepreneurs, trainers and motivational speakers; with over 24 years of experience.
A certified Personality Development Trainer in Asia. She is a trainer for the World Bank entity IFC on the area of ‘ Sustainable Private Sector Investment’ and also in the private sector for Coca Cola. The official trainer for the brand ‘ 5 by 20’; an initiative for the development of 5 million women by way of empowerment and Economic Development.
She is also a trainer for The British Council's ‘Active Citizen’ project. Dr Segera has trained over 5000 police offers and 15,000 micro Women entrepreneurs and been recognized globally winning the 'Global CSR Excellence Awards' in 2018, 'Women Super Achievement Award'- 2017, 'Leadership Excellence Award' in 2016 and the 'Most Outstanding
Professional’ award.
Sulochana is a doctoral graduate from Global University,- California and Trainer for the 'Youth Parliament of Sri Lanka'; whilst Managing Director of Deep International.
Everyone at The T.E.A. Project looks forward to working with Sulochana in building our reach & support to the most vulnerable children in our society.
Help support the revolution in Sri Lankan Youth Empowerment @

Tuesday, 11 February 2020


ASICS & The TEA Project are joining together for the ASICS London 10K in July. ASICS & TEA are running to raise funding for The T.E.A. Project's new empowerment centre opening this year in Sri Lanka.
The special package includes free entry worth £45 & a bespoke TEA-shirt made especially by ASICS design TEAm for The T.E.A. Project. You will also receive a finishers medal, race photos and tote bag.
If you want to join TEAm ASICS & RUN4TEA then message us here or email today to reserve your place.
This is a unique chance to take part in the UK's biggest 10K event, join with the event organisers and run for a great cause.
*We ask that all TEAm members aim for a minimum fundraising target of £300 - equivalent to 100 days wages for a tea plantation worker in Sri Lanka.
Places are limited and close by Friday 7th February. So hurry!

Thank you!

TEA have had an incredibley positive start to the new year; with events, fundraising activities & welcoming new volunTEArs; including our first family! Thank you to everyone; especially to our VolunTEArs and Millennium Elephant Foundation & Slightly Chilled for your support during January. You have given us the energy we needed to start the year🙏

TrusTEAs Needed!

TEA Party!

Thank you to all our sponsors, partners and everyone who turned up to make the projects TEA Party @ Slightly Chilled on Saturday such a success. TEA raised 57,000LKR (£250) on the night from the gig, prize draw and pool competition. Special thank you to UK artist George Banks from Good Foxy for performing, local band See Sharp, Slightly Chilled owner Michael and volunTEAr Courtney for her hard work gathering donations. All proceeds will go to our programmes supporting children from poor tea plantation communities.
Help support the revolution in Sri Lankan Youth Empowerment @

Youth Empowerment Recognised Need

Sri Lankan press today acknowledge the central role of its young people the steer the country's future and the priceless value of it's youth and of Youth Empowerment services to support & enable that change.
The T.E.A. Project & other grass roots INGO's in Sri Lanka are key to this movement & to success. We are at the frontline of this change.
TEA are committed to working with all players; charitable, corporate and governmental. To enable a revolution of youth consciousness, raise aspirations and provide the tools for a sustainable and inclusive change in Sri Lanka.
The T.E.A. Project's empowerment centre being built near to Kandy will be a model environment for this focus.
Help support the revolution and donate @